Barbagallo Raceway

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V8 supercar experiences at Barbagallo Raceway

So, you know about the Barbagallo Raceway. You know it’s the only full-length Championship Racetrack in Western Australia. The gripping, smooth surface of this track allows tires to fly by at unparalleled speeds. Ready to take that next step? Enough of the bragging to your mates that you could ‘totally handle that’. Time to step up and find out what it really feels like to take a V8 Supercar with a 450hp engine around mind-blowing turns and barrel down straight-aways at speeds you’ll never come close to in your every day driving. 

Ok, you’re intrigued. But, perhaps a little nervous? Don’t worry, we won’t send you out on the Barbagallo Raceway without tons of information and lots of prep from our top driving instructors. 

Before you even step into the incredibly awesome V8 Supercars (we know, we know-be patient!) you’ll receive a full briefing from our certified instructors on all the ins and outs, everything you need to know about cornering, apexes, braking, acceleration and more. Even better though, our instructors don’t just talk about it, they really know their stuff! You’ll have the opportunity to see them put all these techniques into real life use as they demonstrate a few laps around the raceway. 

All right, you might be thinking, this is all great and everything, but when is my turn? Now! After the demonstration it’s your turn to put on the 5-point harness and get behind the wheel of a V8 Supercar with carrera cup slicks, a Bilstein suspension and racing gearbox. We’ll make sure that you feel secure and confident with the instructor in the passenger seat. From the passenger seat, the instructor will give you practical tips and tricks that will enable to you to enjoy this adrenaline pumping experience to the max. Don’t worry, though you are definitely the one in the driver’s seat of this 450hp vehicle. Enjoy the incredible speed and mind-blowing power of the V8 Supercar as you increase in confidence and skill. 

So, you think you got skills now, huh? All right, we’ve given you a few tips and you’ve definitely fine-tuned your abilities and improved your handling of a car with some serious horsepower. This time, slide across to the passenger side as the driving instructor shows you how the true professional drivers throw down on the Barbagallo Raceway. Wait a minute, what about the demonstration? Well, we call that a teaser. This is when you better get that harness on tight and hold on for dear life, you’re about to go for the ride of your life.

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