Why indoor skydiving is the perfect family activity

Finding fun things to do with the family that everyone will enjoy can be a real challenge. So, here’s some good news… indoor skydiving is here to save the day!  

Now, we know the idea of your little ones (or even you) skydiving may sound a bit crazy, but hear us out… iFly is perfectly safe, family friendly and a whole lot of fun. And when we say family friendly, we really mean it, as kids aged three and up can take part too. Everyone will have expert instruction to make sure they get a handle on flying, so there’s no need to worry. 

What is indoor skydiving and what does it feel like? 

Forgive us if you know already, but the idea of skydiving indoors can be confusing to newcomers! The key to it all is a high-tech wind tunnel. The wall-to-wall airflow inside it is so powerful that those who step inside are lifted up by it. This ‘floating on air’ sensation is remarkably similar to freefall. Each indoor skydive lasts the same length of time as freefall from around 14,000ft (just under a minute) and feels just like the real thing. Trust us, this is seriously fun, and it’s all possible without the need to set foot on a plane! 

Where can you indoor skydive? 

There are iFly locations in Sydney, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane. Centres are open during the week and on the weekend and there are a number of packages to choose from. For a taster, you might like to go for two flights each, but you’re welcome to book more flights if you really want to brush up on your freefall skills. You might find the 10-flight package (which can be divided up however you like between two and five people) gives you a good amount of flexibility.  

No previous experience required 

The beauty of indoor skydiving is in its simplicity (at least compared to some activities!). You’ll be given full instruction to make the most of your experience on the day, but there’s no complex training needed. All the kit you need (flight suit, safety goggles and helmet) is supplied on the day. It’s also an all-weather activity. So, unlike a real skydive from a plane (not to mention many activities in life), a bit of bad weather won’t put a dampener on your fun. 

Where can you book indoor skydiving?

You can book your indoor skydiving experience right here at Adrenaline! Book with confidence, as all our products are backed by our Lowest Price Guarantee. Choose your preferred location below and then pick an option that suits you best:

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