Unmissable overnight adventures for summer 

For the adventurers who just can’t get enough, we have just the thing! Awesome overnight adventures, that will keep that adventurous spirit aflame, from day to night. From exploring the hinterlands across the Sunshine Coast, deep diving the Great Barrier Reef or living your best life on a yacht, check out these amazing overnight adventures. 

GBR Snorkelling

Great Barrier Reef Cruise 

Explore the Great Barrier Reef by day, and sleep under the stars by night. This overnight cruising experience gives you the opportunity to snorkel the colourful and lively reefs, and still enjoy the luxury of a cruise vessel. Get active in the water, or relax on deck. Either way, this is the ideal summer adventure. 

Jeep Hire

4WD Jeep Hire 

Explore all the beauty the Sunshine Coast has to offer from the driver’s seat of an open-roof Jeep. Enjoy the rush of the wind, as you drive off the beaten path, through hinterland and rainforest. For a full 24hrs, take your Jeep wherever you want and explore the depths of the Sunshine Coast.  

Shark Dive

Overnight Shark Dive 

Scuba diving, kicking back on a sun lounger and watching the sunrise over the Great Barrier Reef, it doesn’t get much better! With up to 5 dives a day, including a thrilling night dive, you get the unique opportunity to witness nocturnal marine life up close and personal. And yep, there will be sharks afoot!  

Luxury Cruise

Luxury Yacht Cruise 

Enjoy a twilight cruise around the gorgeous surrounds of the Melbourne city marina. Either sit back and enjoy, or captain the yacht yourself! Once docked, it becomes your private accommodation for the evening. With a complimentary breakfast the next day. The perfect mix of relaxation and adventure.