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Body Flying

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Body Flying New Zealand

Indoor skydiving is a hair-raising experience and a highly popular gift idea among adventurous families. But body flying is a little different; this wind tunnel adventure takes you a step closer to the real thing. You’re outdoors! Nature’s beauty surrounds you as you’re launched meters into the sky! Some regard it as a skydive simulator that readies you for the real thing; others appreciate body flying as a high-flying experience in its own right. No matter how you approach it, you’re certain to be blown away!

Your Body Flying Experience

Touch base in Roturoa and meet your instructor. Your body flying guide will show you how to position yourself above the wind tunnel and even teach you a few fun maneuvers! Next, gear up in a special body flying suit and then step out in the open air to get started!

Your launching point is on the plateau of a wind tunnel that sits 4 meters above ground. The way the structure is erected makes you feel that you’re indeed flying high, high up toward the clouds. Hop in! Winds gust at you at 220kph. You’ll experience a huge rush as they take hold of your body and toss you into the air. Body flying experts stand nearby. They reach out and give you a spin. You’re flying—absolute freedom! The sensation is just like a skydive freefall except it lasts a full 90 seconds, which is more than what you experience on most tandem jumps.

The Perfect Gift Idea!

Body flying is a huge hit for special occasions such as birthday parties and work outings. Anyone 10 years old and up can give it a go. Put a smile on the face of that special thrill-seeker in your life and book a body flying experience now!