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What are fun Christmas activities?

With thousands of experiences on offer here at Adrenaline, and Australian Christmas falling in summer, there’s no reason why fun Christmas activities have to be limited to a good cup of hot chocolate (although we’re all for that too!) and being stuck indoors watching TV.

The festive season is a great time to get outdoors and get active. The warmer temperatures make our many beaches and waterways a natural place to head, but you don’t just have to spend your day lounging around there either. Get out of the water and have fun! There are all kinds of ways to do this, from kayaking, jet boat rides and cruises to snorkelling tours, scuba dives and even jetpacks and flyboards. These can be a great way to cool off and are available at locations around the country. Just browse the site to find the location and time that suits you best.


What are must-do Christmas activities?

Some traditions, like the exchanging of cards and Christmas gifts, attending a holiday party, watching Christmas movies and putting up the tree and lights, remain popular year after year. But there’s no reason why you can’t break away from the norm and make your own list of must-do Christmas activities. In time, these could even become a Christmas tradition of your own.

After all, it is summer in Australia, so while in other parts of the world activities like ice skating are all the rage, it’s likely to be more of shorts and t-shirt vibe than hat, gloves and bad Christmas sweater one!

People’s idea of the best experiences to enjoy over the holiday period (and any time of year) tends to vary quite a lot! And there’s nothing wrong with that. Find your own idea of ‘must do’ activities around Australia with our Holiday Adventure Finder. It’s super quick and easy to use, just tell us where you’ll be, your budget and a little bit about your personality and we’ll present a range of activities we think you’ll enjoy. Give it a go!


What activities are open on Christmas day?

There are all kinds of attractions open on Christmas Day across Australia, and you can book them quickly and easily right here at Adrenaline. In Sydney, you could enjoy the Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb, Taronga Zoo or even the SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium. While in Melbourne, you could hop on the Melbourne Star to take in the Christmas Day views or even take a scenic helicopter flight over the city.

Of course, some experiences shut down for Christmas Day, but the truth is, wherever you are in Australia on the big day, you’ll find many activities remain open.

Take a look through the site and you’ll see a number of best-selling experiences are open on December 25th for you to enjoy. So, why not make this Christmas Day an extra special one and do something really fun and memorable?


How to celebrate Christmas with family?

Christmas is a great opportunity for friends and family to get together. Here at Adrenaline, we have thousands of experiences to choose from, many of which are ready and waiting to do as a group.

A great starting point for families is our selection of Christmas gifts for kids. While these activities and experiences are suitable for little ones, they’re certainly not limited to them. People of all ages will love giving some of these a try. Whether it’s a visit to one of the many Gold Coast theme parks and attractions ahead of the day itself or getting out there on the day itself with a trip to a wildlife park or tree top adventure park.


What to do at Christmas on your own?

If you’re spending Christmas on your own, there are all kinds of opportunities to have some fun. We have a huge range of experiences in locations around the country, so why not book some fun over the festive period? Many of our experiences will see you joining other people and travellers in a group, so there will probably be other people in the same situation as you. Either way, the Christmas period is a great opportunity to treat yourself to something you’ll really enjoy. Whether that’s seeing natural wonders on a kayaking or jet ski tour, or doing a real bucket list experience like skydiving or climbing an Australian icon like the Sydney Harbour Bridge or Brisbane’s Story Bridge.