Cheap Christmas Gifts

Trying to find thoughtful, quality and cheap Christmas gifts can seem tricky, but you'll find great gifts for all budgets right here at Adrenaline. An experience is worth more than its cost value and we have fun gift experiences to suit everyone in our huge range of Australia's best adventures and activities.

What are the best cheap Christmas gift ideas?

Christmas time is a time for giving, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be savvy about how you spend your money. If you don’t want to break the bank, you can find cheap but thoughtful and fun Christmas gifts that will be a hit with all your friends, family and loved ones. The secret is figuring out your budget, sticking to it, and finding cheap Christmas gift ideas that are more valuable than their actual dollar cost. 

An experience is the most valuable thing you can give someone, and you can buy experience gifts right here at Adrenaline for any budget. We’re your one-stop shop for all the best adventures, activities, outings and experiences across Australia, and you can do all your Christmas shopping online with us in a matter of moments. The enjoyment, bonding, and memories you get out of an adventure is worth way more than the cost of the experience, which makes it the perfect cheap but thoughtful Christmas gift. 

For example, it might cost less than $50 to go to the zoo, or play a game of paintball, but the experience itself is more exciting and valuable than any material ‘thing’ worth that amount. If you are looking for cheap Christmas present ideas that are under $50, you can check out our Under $50 Christmas Gift Guide page and find some inspiration there. We have everything from cruises, to aquarium passes, flying fox and treetop adventures, exciting attractions, a variety of tours and plenty more that would make the best cheap Christmas gifts in Australia.

Of course, ‘cheap’ is a relative term, and means different price ranges to different people. So if you’re interested, you can check out our Christmas gift guides for different budgets. In our under $100 guide you’ll find a huge number of experiences across Australia. Whether you decide on jet boating, surfing, escape rooms, a Segway tour, or any of the other exciting options, these are all great ideas for cheap Christmas gifts.  

You can also find amazing gift ideas in our under $150 guide and under $200 guide, if your idea of cheap is on the upper end of the spectrum!

Where to buy cheap Christmas gifts online?

Every year the rush of Christmas shoppers makes getting out to browse the shops seem more and more unappealing. It’s exhausting, and restrictive, which is why shopping online is the best way to tick everything you need off your Christmas list. 

Shopping online doesn’t have to mean ordering items that might not fit, might not look like they were advertised, and might not arrive on time. When you shop with us, you can secure incredible Christmas gifts in a matter of moments. Adrenaline has a huge range of affordable experiences across Australia that make the perfect cheap but thoughtful Christmas gifts. Whether you’re looking for cool Christmas gifts or romantic Christmas gifts for the one you love, we make it easy for you to get something that’s infinitely more valuable than the cost price. 

You could start by browsing our gift guides for experiences that are under $50, under $100, under $150 and under $200, depending on your budget for cheap Christmas gifts. There are plenty of fun and exciting things to do that don’t cost too much, and the enjoyment that you can get out of them is priceless. 

You could also give an Adrenaline gift voucher or gift card for a dollar amount and just give whatever you can afford. These are the best cheap Christmas gifts because you’re giving someone a reason to indulge in an adventure or experience that they might not have otherwise done. It’s a reason to do something fun and really live a little - or a lot! Just because you can only afford cheap Christmas gifts doesn’t mean they can’t be high in value. At Adrenaline, we’re all about experiences that add value and excitement to people’s lives, so it’s the perfect place to do all your Christmas shopping easily online. 

How to buy easy cheap Christmas gifts?

Buying fun Christmas gifts is easy here at Adrenaline, and if it’s cheap gifts that you’re after we have experiences that cater to a wide range of budgets. All you have to do is browse the site, or filter by price to find the best cheap Christmas gifts in your area. 

You could also try using our Adventure Gift Finder tool, which will serve up great experiences that suit your price range, and the person you’re shopping for according to the details you provide. 

Once you choose an experience, or choose to buy an Adrenaline gift card for a credit amount, you can buy instantly online. You can even use Afterpay. Our gifts are completely flexible, so a voucher for a specific experience can actually be used to go towards the cost of any other experience on our site. That means that no matter what happens, the person you’re shopping for will end up with a Christmas gift they love. 

So if you’re looking for easy-to-buy cheap but thoughtful Christmas gifts, you’re in the right place. While you're here, why not get some more of your Christmas online shopping done by checking out our gifts for teachers, gifts for boyfriends and gifts for girlfriends sections?