Christmas Gifts for Dad

Christmas gift shopping for dad isn’t always easy, but with Adrenaline’s huge range of experiences and adventures, it can be. We’ve got you sorted for Christmas gift ideas for dad with everything from V8 driving and helicopter rides to fishing tours and watersports, so there’s a present for every type of dad.

What are the best Christmas gifts for dad?

Thinking of Christmas gift ideas for your dad for Christmas can be a bit overwhelming. You don’t want to get him something generic, and you don’t want to get him something gimmicky. It can seem like a tricky target to hit, but what if you didn’t get him a ‘thing’ at all? A truly fun Christmas gift idea for dad is an experience that he can enjoy and remember forever. Experiences are far more valuable than ‘stuff’ and make the best Christmas presents for dad.

You can find Christmas gifts for every type of dad in our huge range of experiences, and give him something he’ll actually be really excited about. For a dad that’s given so much of his time, energy, and life to his family, a slice of time to have an experience that’s specifically for his enjoyment is the perfect way to give back. 

To help you out with Christmas gifts for dad, we’ve put together a bit of a gift guide of some of the most popular experiences with men. So here are some great Christmas gift ideas for men:

  • Whether they indulge it or not, so many men are petrolheads who have fantasised of the speed and thrills of race track driving. At Adrenaline, you’ll find an extensive range of driving experiences that are the perfect Christmas present for any type of dad. 

  • They could experience the thrill of driving a V8 supercar on real race tracks around Australia, or strap in with a professional for epic hot laps. 

  • They could experience the speed and excitement of rally driving with rally driving experiences or even rally driving lessons. 

  • They could put the pedal to the metal with supercar driving experiences that include the chance to get behind the wheel of luxury cars like Lamborghinis and Ferraris. The options are countless when you shop driving experiences at Adrenaline.

  • For a laid back dad who appreciates his leisure time, we’ve a great range of fishing tours, packages and private lessons that would all make perfect Christmas gifts. He could enjoy a half day fishing charter, a 4WD beach fishing safari in Perth, a full day sport fishing tour from Cronulla, or any of the epic fishing adventures you can find across Australia.

  • If you’re keen to find something for dad that’s really a unique gift idea, a helicopter ride is definitely extraordinary. Pull him out of his regular routine and treat him to the opportunity to go soaring over Australia’s most beautiful cityscapes and natural wonders with our range of helicopter rides. The thrill of flying and the panoramic aerial views are unbeatable, so it’s definitely a winning Christmas gift for dad. 

  • Brewery tours and beer tasting experiences are a great way to treat dad for Christmas. Whether he’s a beer fanatic or just enjoys a drink every now and then, the tours you can find at Adrenaline are fun experiences that he might not have otherwise indulged in. He could enjoy the tour with a mate, a partner, or even you if you’re lucky!

There are hundreds and hundreds more experiences types available at Adrenaline, from cheap Christmas gifts to Christmas gifts for couples, have a browse and you’re sure to find something he’ll love. 

What are the best Christmas gifts for outdoorsy dads?

If you’re Christmas shopping for a dad that loves the outdoors, loves getting active or just loves getting out into nature, then material ‘stuff’ probably isn’t the way to go. Get the perfect gift to suit that type of dad and get him an outdoor experience for Christmas. Finding gifts that will get him excited is easy if you just browse our epic outdoor adventures. He’ll love the opportunity to do something, rather than just get something, and it will show that you know and appreciate what he really values in life.

There are countless outdoor experiences you can find at Adrenaline, with more being added all the time. So finding the right Christmas gifts for a father that’s outdoorsy should be a breeze. You could browse through the different categories and see what’s available in the water sports section, or under tabs like abseiling, horse riding, hiking and plenty more. Getting away from screens, offices or indoor chores is the best gift you could give for Christmas, because it’s an opportunity for him to really enjoy himself.

What are the best Christmas gifts for a new dad?

Being a new parent means sacrificing your ‘you’ time and all your energy for the sake of the little ones more than ever. So the best Christmas gift idea for new dads, and first time dads, is time. Time that he gets to spend doing something fun, enjoyable, and just for him. Christmas is a great opportunity to give new dads an opportunity to do something for themselves, and our exciting experiences are the perfect gift.

Instead of generic ‘stuff’ like wine, cufflinks, or BBQ tools, and definitely instead of anything baby-related, a great Christmas gift for a new dad is a fun experience or adventure. Whether it’s something for him to enjoy alone, like an epic V8 supercar driving experience or race car hot laps, something that the whole family can enjoy together, or something romantic just for the new parents, we’ve experiences for every type of dad. They’ll appreciate the opportunity to enjoy something fun, fresh and non-baby related more than any ‘thing’ you could give them. 

How do I find the right Christmas gift for different types of dads?

If you’re trying to find the experience that will make a fun Christmas gift for dad, then there’s a few ways you can go about that using the Adrenaline site. You could browse by category, looking through groups of experiences under water sports, flying experiences, land adventures, and driving experiences separately. When you’re taking a look you can use the filtering functions to sort the results by things like location, price and popularity to narrow it down to the right choice. 

What’s great about buying an experience gift for dad at Adrenaline, is that all gifts are completely flexible, so the risk of him not loving it is eliminated. For example, if you buy him an Adrenaline voucher for a V8 driving experience, but he decides he wants to go on a beer tasting tour instead, he can use the credit value of the gift card on any experience he likes the look of on the Adrenaline site. If that thing is more expensive, he (or someone) just has to pay the difference. So he always has the freedom to get exactly what he wants, and do the thing that excites him the most. It’s a no-risk way to get the best Christmas gifts for dad.

Shopping with a budget in mind? Narrow down your online gift shopping search with our dedicated pages for gifts under $50, gifts under $100, gifts under $150 and gifts under $200

Another option is to give him an Adrenaline gift card for Christmas that’s just for a dollar amount, so he has the opportunity to shop for an experience himself. No matter which way you go about it, he gets the excitement of booking in an adventure when it suits him and experiencing your thoughtful and unique gift. 

Where to shop for Christmas gifts for dads?

Still not sure what to get dad for Christmas? Whether you find the rush of Christmas shoppers a bit intimidating, you’ve left your Christmas shopping to the last minute, or you just know that this dad prefers experiences over stuff, our range of gifts for dads can help. You can buy a voucher for an experience or a credit gift card or gift voucher and have it emailed in a matter of moments at Adrenaline, so even if it’s Christmas Eve or Christmas morning you’ll still show up with the best present for dad. With the option of using Afterpay and instant buying online, you can make sure you have your gifts for dad sorted easily.

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