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What are the best Christmas gifts for her?

If you’re trying to think of ideas for Christmas gifts for her, rest assured you’re not alone. Finding fun Christmas presents for women can be tricky, and when you want to get something that she’ll be really excited about it can feel like the pressure is on. So how do you find gift ideas for women that will be a success? The good news is, with our huge range of experiences, you’re in the right place for plenty of Christmas gift ideas and inspiration.

To start, you might want to rethink the way you’re approaching your online Christmas shopping. Trying to find trendy gifts for her that are just more ‘stuff’ is fine, but your gift often ends up going unused, or barely used. It’s hard to buy people things when we’re all already inundated with material items - especially at Christmas. An experience is far more valuable than any ‘thing’ you could give, and they make perfect gifts for the woman in your life. 

We're the perfect place to find presents for all kinds of women of all ages, from mums and girlfriends to sisters and teenage girls. We've even got you covered for a special gift for your mother-in-law

At Adrenaline, we have a huge range of experiences across Australia that make amazing gifts for her. To help you out, we’ve gathered up some of our most popular choices for a Christmas gift guide for her. Check out some of these gift ideas for women and get the ball rolling:

  • Hot air balloon rides make incredible Christmas presents, because it’s an opportunity for her to indulge in something she probably wouldn’t buy for herself. You’ll find amazing and affordable hot air ballooning experiences that take you soaring over the most beautiful landscapes in Australia. Whether it’s breakfast and ballooning over the Hunter Valley wine region, or flying over the Barossa Valley, hot air ballooning is a great gift idea for women.

  • Helicopter rides are another extra-special bucket list experience that would make a spectacular gift for her this Christmas. You could swoop over iconic cityscapes or take flight over Australia’s lush landscapes with unbeatable panoramic views. With the combination of aerial views and the thrill of flying, helicopter rides are the perfect unique Christmas gift for her.

  • Horse riding tours are a great way to mix things up and get out for a fun day. Choose from amazing horse riding experiences that traverse some of the most picturesque spots in Australia - through forests, across beaches and even into the water. Treat her to an exciting horseback adventure to make your Christmas present memorable.

  • Kayaking is the perfect activity for anyone who likes to get out on the water and a little active. You can paddle down city rivers or over tropical reefs and everything in between with our huge range of kayaking experiences. So whether you opt for a guided tour or a self-led adventure, there are heaps of choices that will make cool gifts for women.

  • Another great gift idea for water-lovers is a cruise around one of the many beautiful bodies of water in or surrounding Australia. There are whale watching cruises, private river cruises, scenic cruises, tall ship harbour cruises, dinner cruises, and plenty more. Cruises are a fun Christmas gift idea for women and there are plenty to choose from.

  • Segway tours are a really fun way to spend a day. You get to explore some lovely sights around Australia, and you get to try your hand at the modern vehicle that lets you glide around effortlessly. Segway around vineyards, beaches, forests and cities with Adrenaline’s huge range of Segway tours, and make her Christmas present fun this year.

  • If you are looking to give her a fun day out, we have tours of all kinds all around Australia. She might like a winery tour, a Rottnest Island tour, a behind-the-scenes zoo tour, or a Blue Mountains bike tour. That’s just skimming the surface of the variety of tours you’ll find on Adrenaline to suit any and all interests.

  • There are so many exciting attractions around Australia, and any number of them would make a cool Christmas gift for her. Adrenaline has everything from the Melbourne Star Observation Wheel, to the Phillip Island Penguin Parade and plenty more in between, so it’s not hard to find something she’ll love.

That’s just skimming the surface of the hundreds and hundreds of experiences you can find at Adrenaline. It’s the perfect place to buy Christmas gifts for women because there’s something to suit every type of woman and person you know. 

Great value Christmas gifts for women

At Adrenaline, cheap Christmas gifts doesn't mean bad Christmas gifts. Sometimes the best experiences gifts for her cost far less than you might expect and provide an adventure that lives long in her memory. Doing your online gift shopping with a specific budget in mind? Take a look at our dedicated sections for gifts under $50, under $100, under $150 and under $200

What to get a woman who has everything for Christmas?

It might seem like some women have everything, or at least a lot of things, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find cool Christmas gifts for her. So what are good gifts for a woman who wants nothing, or just has everything?

No matter how much ‘stuff’ someone has, they can never have too many experiences. The most valuable thing we all have is life left to live, and the most valuable thing you can give someone is an amazing life experience. So instead of trying to think of Christmas gift ideas for women that are just more material items, consider getting her an experience that she’ll be really excited to use, and will remember forever. 

You’ll find plenty of gift ideas on the ‘Gifts for Her’ and cool Christmas gifts sections of the site, and just by browsing through the categories. You can filter by experience type, location, price and popularity to find the perfect gift for her. All you need is a few moments, an internet connection and a credit or debit card (Afterpay is available too), and your Christmas shopping is done. 

Are gift cards good Christmas gifts for her?

The great thing about gift cards is they give someone the power to choose something they actually really want as their present. But if a gift card is for a shop, a mall, or it’s just a generic cash card, it can seem a bit impersonal. Plus, the chance that they’ll end up spending the gift card on something mundane out of financial duty is pretty high. So don’t just give someone a cash gift card for ‘stuff’, give them a reason to experience something amazing.

If you’re trying to think of Christmas gift ideas for women, don’t discount gift cards. You just need to pick the right ones. A gift card for an experience is a thoughtful Christmas gift for her, because she gets to have an adventure that she probably wouldn’t have treated herself to otherwise. With Adrenaline gift cards and gift vouchers, you’re giving her something she’ll actually use and never forget.

Plus, Adrenaline gift cards are the best way to ensure your Christmas gifts are successful. When you buy gifts with us they are completely flexible. So, if you buy her a gift voucher for a helicopter ride but she ends up wanting to go hot air ballooning instead, she can actually spend the voucher credit on any experience she likes the look of on the Adrenaline site. If it’s a more expensive choice someone just needs to pay the difference and everything’s good to go. That means there’s no risk of getting her something she’s not that interested in, because she can use the gift card to get something she loves every time.

You could also give her an Adrenaline gift voucher with a dollar amount and no specified experience, which encourages her to have complete freedom over what she wants to do. It’s a fun way to give her the power and value her thoughts and ideas. Whether you buy her an Adrenaline gift voucher for a specific experience or a dollar amount, it’s an exciting Christmas gift for the women in your life.