Eastern Creek Raceway

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At Adrenaline, we’ve got more heart-pounding, tire-gripping experiences than you have ever dreamed of. V8 supercars are the bad boys of the racetrack. You’ll get schooled by some of the best driving instructors around before you strap on that safety harness and barrel down the straight in a Commodore or Monaro. Think you know how to handle a V8? Slip on over to the passenger side and let your instructor show you how to really make a V8 engine purr.

Have you ever seen a Lotus whip by you and longingly glanced at the rear…no, wait, it’s already gone! The sleekness and incredible power of a Lotus are gone in a blink before you can truly appreciate its power. Adrenaline offers you the chance not only to drive a Lotus, but a Lotus Elite Clubsport, build for racing speed and the ride of your dreams. If the last Ferrari you’ve touched was your daughter’s Barbie car, then it’s time to settle in to the real deal in one of our many amazing hot laps experiences.

Are those super cars too tame for you? Perhaps getting behind the awe-inspiring wheel of a Lamborghini Gallardo or the retro, classy and forever James Bond car Aston Martin will whet your appetite for superior automotive glory. 

While it’s lovely to be able to sit behind the wheel on a raceway, wouldn’t it make the experience more complete (and give you bragging rights) if you could pull off some of those awesome drifting moves that you see in live races and big budget movies. Well, we’ve got experiences that will show you the why and how of proper drifting techniques so you can not only drift well, but drift smart.

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