Jet Fighter Flight, 20-minute - Melbourne (Echuca)

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Your Mission, should you choose to accept it, is to embark on the most heart thumping, adrenalin filled Jet Fighter Introductory Mission available.

Echuca Aerodrome (Echuca)
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  • Description
    • Great viewing area (spectators can see most of your flight)
    • Aerobatic instructor-rated pilot
    • Modern L-39 fighter jet (as seen in the James Bond film "Tomorrow Never Dies")

    Your Mission, should you choose to accept it, is to embark on the most heart thumping, adrenalin filled Jet Fighter Introductory Mission available. Live your Top Gun dream for a day in an L39 Albatros Lead in Fighter Jet. Feel the G-force and speed as your pilot performs aerobatic manoeuvres across the sky.

    You will begin with a guided tour of the L-39 Jet followed with a full flight mission and safety briefing. Once you are suited up in a full flight suit and helmet you’ll climb aboard the fighter jet and be guided through the start procedures. Feel the power as the jet engine spools up, complete the check-list and prepare to taxi down the runway for take off. 4000 pounds of jet thrust will launch you into the atmosphere. With speeds of up to 910 km per hour the L-39 is the sleekest and most modern jet fighter conducting adventure flights in Australia. Your flight will take you 8000 ft over the beautiful Victorian countryside. 

    You are the co-pilot and you’ll have one to one interactive communication with your pilot throughout the mission. The flight commences with a steep turn to introduce you to the feeling of positive G then move on to smooth tactical aerobatics completing manoeuvres such as the Aileron Roll, Barrel Roll, Loop, Derry Turn, Immelman and the Split S. Feel the power, speed, manoeuvrability and G-force during this mesmerising slice of life as a Fighter Pilot.

    Intensity: 5.0 Intensity
    Intensity: 5.0 Intensity
  • Experience Details

    Fitness and Experience

    • All passengers must be over the age of 16
    • As this is an adrenalin activity we recommend that passengers be of good general health
    • Maximum height 198cm
    • Maximum weight 140kg

    What to Bring/Wear

    • Clothing appropriate for the weather on day (dresses and skirts are not suitable)
    • Rubber soled enclosed footwear
    • Camera/video camera - there will be great opportunities to get some amazing shots
    • Family and friends

    What is Supplied

    • Military flight suit
    • Fighter pilot style helmet
    • Full safety mission brief 20 minute flight
    • Flight certificate on completion of your flight
    • In-flight video (additional cost)
    • Tea and coffee

    More Information

    A video of your flight will be available for purchase on the day of your flight for $220.00. 

    Military aircraft are built and tested to different standards than that put forward by CASA or any equivalent international civil aviation governing body. As such, in accordance with Civil Aviation Safety Regulation Parts 132.140, 150 and 132.155;

    • The design, manufacture and airworthiness of the aircraft are not required to meet any standard recognized by CASA; and
    • CASA does not require the aircraft to be operated to the same degree of safety as an aircraft used for regular public transport or charter operations; and
    • The passenger agrees to participate in this flight at his or her own risk; and
    • If it is reasonable to believe that a passenger cannot understand the safety briefing; said passenger must be accompanied on the flight by a parent, guardian, or carer; and
    • A more detailed briefing will be provided to the passenger before they board the aircraft
    • If the person making the booking for this flight is not the passenger, note that the operator of the flight is required to provide the passenger with a detailed briefing – to include the information contained herein – prior to the passenger boarding the aircraft.

  • 6 Reviews
    6 Reviews
    4.8 out of 5

    Fun time!

    stuart J   5 out of 5

    Loved it!

    Brett   5 out of 5

    Mark & Donna were fantastic making the experience all the more enjoyable. Would recommend to others, had an amazing ride!

    Darren M   5 out of 5

    Mark, Matt and Donna at Jet Fighter flight were amazing! What an experience! Definitely a bucket list moment for me that I will remember for the rest of my life... So glad I was able to participate in an adventure that most people would only dream of... Very addictive and I would love to go up again very soon! Thanks guys! Had an amazing day!

    Paul P   5 out of 5

    Fantastic experience. The twenty minute flight was awesome - I got to fly the jet. The staff on the day were excellent. Tick this one off my bucket list!

    Mitchell K   5 out of 5

    I would like to thank the jet flight team in echuca for the most breathtaking experiance. If anyone is about to book this flight, you really have to do the 20 min flight. The 20 min flight gives you 5 min free flying after direction from mark. I was very scared at the start but a jet being center thrust allows anyone to be in very easy control. Its an experiance that you will never forget, if i did it again i would be better prepared for how i could have played with the stick. I nearly grabbed my spew bag but kept it in, only cause the 20 min flight you get to do a couple more manuvers that the 15 min dosnt, and also the 5 min flying time. During my day, their was 3 flights on suday and i was first, but the only 20 min, the others were 15min, but they didnt get what i did. It took me 4 hours to get my feet back and drive back to melb, but it was worth it.

    wayne z   4 out of 5
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Echuca Aerodrome (Echuca)

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