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Engagement! Just the very word might have you shaking in your shoes. Forever and ever? And ever? However, if you are ready to take the plunge, you want it to be special. Not just a ring in the park special. The ring, it will be gorgeous, for sure! But you want the whole experience, not just the actual ring, to be one that she’ll remember for the rest of her life! You want this to be a story that no one has ever heard. If you want her to be somewhere amazing, somewhere where she’ll least expect it or be so enthralled in the experience that she won’t notice you kneeling down on one knee, then Adrenalin has the perfect solutions for you!

Is your significant other a dare devil or perhaps a wanna-be? Imagine her soaring through the air skydiving or sitting in a passenger’s seat while going blisteringly fast and then-you propose. Pretty jaw-dropping, right? Or, maybe your lady would like to be pampered and relaxed; treated to a massage or chocolate making class. This experience in itself would be fantastic, wouldn’t it take her breath away to have you ask her to be yours forever right then and there?