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What is iFly?

All iFly indoor skydive locations, from Perth and Penrith to Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, let you enjoy the feeling of freefall in a vertical wind tunnel. The beauty of indoor skydiving is it’s so easy. No lengthy training is required and there’s no need to jump from a plane! Not to mention the fact it can be done in all weather conditions, and we even have Virtual Reality flights available.


Who is iFly suitable for?

Pretty much everyone! It’s a quick and easy family-friendly experience that ages three and up can enjoy, giving you the rush of skydiving in a safe and comfortable environment.


iFly accommodates groups, as well as solo bookings. So, whether you’re planning a large party or just looking for fun things to do in your city on the spur of the moment, iFly has you covered. Another great thing about iFly is that spectators are welcome. Friends and family can watch those inside the wind tunnel from the viewing platform just a few feet away from the action. It’s a lot of fun for young people and the young at heart.


Why not give it a go and see what all the fuss is about? Many others have tried it and loved it. Word of warning though, people often leave with an eagerness to return and do it all over again, or book a one of our outdoor skydiving experiences.


Is indoor skydiving safe?

Indoor skydiving is very safe. These state-of-the-art custom-built indoor skydiving centres were created as a training facility for military aerialists, allowing them to practice their skills in a realistic environment. So, as you can imagine, these wind tunnels are designed to perfection. Nowadays, indoor skydiving is an affordable and thrilling activity that is open to all. Your breathing won’t be affected by the air flow and experienced instructors are on hand to assist during the experience and give you a pre-flight training session.


What does indoor skydiving feel like?

Each indoor skydive you take gives you the same feeling of freefall as you’d experience jumping from an aeroplane at 14,000 feet. Never experienced freefall before? It’s sort of like a cushion of air lifting you, while you fly on it. It’s a strange but incredible feeling! Try it yourself and find out.


What do you wear to iFly?

Wondering what to wear indoor skydiving? Comfortable clothing and laced up, enclosed shoes are ideal. You’ll be supplied with a iFly flight suit, helmet and safety goggles on arrival.


How much does iFly indoor skydiving cost?

iFly indoor skydiving is very affordable. Take a look at the various options available right here at Adrenaline for all the latest prices and deals.


How long does iFly indoor skydiving take?

Each flight lasts around a minute, that’s the same length of time (or slightly longer) as freefall lasts when you do a skydive from a plane at 14,000ft.


Is there a weight limit for iFly indoor skydiving?

If you are under 180cm tall you must weigh no more than 105kg to complete an iFly indoor skydive. If you’re above 180cm tall, the maximum weight is 115kg. These restrictions are put in place to make sure all participants remain safe and have the best possible experience. 

If you weigh more than these limits (but less than 135kg) it may still be possible for iFly to make an exception if you are under the guidance of one of their instructors.


Where can I book iFly?

You can book your iFly indoor skydiving adventure here at Adrenaline. Take a look at our product page and book your experience at iFly locations in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Gold Coast and Brisbane. Book with confidence with our price match guarantee.