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Where is iFLY Brisbane?

iFLY Brisbane is 10km north of the CBD at Westfield Chermside, QLD. It’s easily accessible by car or public transport. 

How much are iFLY tickets?

You can find all the latest iFLY prices and deals right here at Adrenaline. The cost of your experience will vary depending on factors like the number of flights you take, and when you fly. The cheapest iFLY option is typically a two-flight package for weekdays. Weekends always cost a little more due to demand. You can book your iFLY package with confidence as we offer a Lowest Price Guarantee. 

How long does iFLY go for?

Each flight lasts for around 60 seconds. This is the equivalent of freefall from around 15,000ft… all without the time and effort needed to go up in an aeroplane. Another great thing about indoor skydiving is that it runs in all weather conditions, so you know your flight isn’t going to be held up by wind or rain. 

With the option of taking multiple flights on the same day, it’s a great length of time to improve your freefall skills. After all, indoor skydiving was originally developed for exactly this purpose. You’ll need to allow some time for pre-flight training before you step in to the wind tunnel, this will help you to make the most of the experience and have plenty of fun. 

How much does a party at iFLY cost?

Looking for a party venue with a difference? iFLY Brisbane could be it. Indoor skydiving is an incredibly fun activity that’s suitable for almost all ages. With the expert instruction on offer you’ll be in safe hands, and kids aged three and up can take part.

A great option for those of you planning to visit iFLY as a group, whether a birthday party or a corporate event, is the 10-flight family and friends package. This package can be split between your group of up to five people. Got friends not wanting to take part? No problem! People can sit back and relax in the viewing area. It’s a lot of fun watching others in the wind tunnel. 

How high is indoor skydiving?

Normally you’ll fly just a couple of metres off the ground, although it will of course feel more than that. The iFLY Brisbane tunnel is 12ft (3.65m) diameter. You may be given the option to fly to the top of the tunnel with your instructor for an added thrill. This optional extra can be paid for on the day. 

How to book indoor skydiving at iFLY Brisbane?

Booking your indoor skydiving session at iFLY Brisbane is easy here at Adrenaline. Book your time and date here and now or buy as a gift voucher and choose a date at a later point. All our vouchers have three years’ validity, so an indoor skydive is a superb gift idea. 

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