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What is iFly?

iFly Downunder Gold Coast, located in the heart of Surfers Paradise, is a state-of-the-art indoor skydiving centre. iFly indoor skydiving is the simulation of authentic free-fall conditions, created by a vertical wind tunnel, which produces a wall-to-wall airflow. 

The indoor skydiving experience at iFly is equal to the sensation of a 14,000-feet tandem skydive, without the extensive training, fear of heights and weather dependency.

How much does iFly cost in the Gold Coast?

The iFly Gold Coast cost for the indoor skydiving deals at Adrenaline range in price from $72 for a weekday two-flights session to $299 for a group package deal of 10 flights.

How long does iFly last?

Your actual airborne time at iFly is one minute per free fall. The iFly Gold Coast indoor skydiving packages offered at Adrenaline feature two or more flights, including group packages of up to 10 flights per session. You will also receive expert training, use of a flight suit, safety goggles, helmet and one-on-one assistance from your flight instructor. iFly indoor skydiving participants will also receive a souvenir certificate when they book online at Adrenaline. 

Is iFly safe?

The all-ages suitability, safe environment and expert training sessions with your personal flight instructor make iFly indoor skydiving the safest free-fall fun you can experience indoors.

Your flight chamber and air-powered wind tunnel are devised for military training, so you and your family can be assured of peace-of-mind precision. The glass-encased viewing platform at iFly Downunder Gold Coast also offers the perfect perch for family and friends to watch all your aerobatic antics in full flight mode. Read the iFly reviews online at Adrenaline and you’ll be convinced before you even make a booking that iFly is the best fun you can have in the air.

How much is an iFly birthday party?

Prices for kids’ birthday parties for up to five flyers at iFly Gold Coast start from around $249 per party package. This includes full training with a qualified iFly instructor, use of flight suit, goggles and helmet and two flights per child. Each flyer will also receive a sweet birthday treat at iFly on the Gold Coast.

What are the best things to do in Gold Coast?

There is no shortage of fun things to do in Gold Coast, from hot air balloon rides to theme parks, but we think indoor skydiving is right up there with the very best. If you’ve never experienced the rush of freefall and have always been curious to, here’s your chance. No need to take part in lengthy training, no need to jump from a plane and no need to worry about the weather stopping your fun. Just go along on the day and prepare for a seriously good time once you enter this state of the art wind tunnel. If you’ve never tried indoor skydiving you’ll love the feeling of being lifted on a cushion of air. Don’t just take our word for it though, give it a go.

What to wear when indoor skydiving in Gold Coast?

As you might expect, indoor skydiving isn’t something you need to wear your best business suit, shirt and tie for. On the day some comfortable clothes and laced up, enclosed shoes will do just fine. On arrival at iFly Gold Coast you’ll be given a flight suit, safety goggles and helmet to wear. So relax, you’re in safe hands with the highly trained team of instructors.

Can kids go indoor skydiving?

Yes. One of the best things about indoor skydiving is it’s a completely family friendly activity that’s perfect for children. Little ones aged three and up can take part, so all the family can experience freefall. So, if you’re always on the lookout for fun and unique things to do with kids, take them to iFly Gold Coast. The instructors will be on hand to make sure everyone enjoys the experiences and remains safe. There’s even a viewing area where friends and family can watch the action in the wind tunnel. 

What is the weight limit in skydiving?

Some weight limits do apply for indoor skydiving. People under 180cm in height must weigh below 105kg. Those taller than 180cm must weigh less than 115kg. Anyone above those weight limits (but still weighing less than 135kg) may still be able to take part with guidance and approval of a trained instructor.