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Where can I go indoor skydiving in Penrith?

You can experience the thrill of indoor skydiving at iFly Sydney in Penrith. An indoor skydive is a great experience for people of all ages and there are a range of options to choose from at Penrith iFly Downunder, which is located in Panthers Penrith Rugby Leagues Club, Mulgoa Rd.


What does indoor skydiving feel like?

The freefall you’ll experience during an indoor skydive is just like the real thing. This is achieved thanks to high-powered fans, creating a wall-to-wall airflow inside the flight chamber. The indoor skydiving experience at Penrith allows you to experience the same sensation as freefall from 14,000ft.

It’s not dissimilar from sticking your hand out of the window of a fast moving car, except of course on a much grander scale. After all, you’ll be flying and feeling weightless! It’s a real thrill. And it’s all possible without needing to wait for the ideal weather conditions for flight, or for you to be more than a few metres off the ground.

Keen to bring along family and friends? Or maybe you plan to watch? That’s fine. All the action inside the wind tunnel can be watched from the viewing platform, just a few metres away.


What is the age and weight limit for skydiving?

The minimum age for indoor skydiving is 3-years-old, making it an experience that can truly be enjoyed by all ages. To indoor skydive at iFly Penrith you must weigh under 105kg if you’re less than 180cm in height. If you’re over 180cm you must weigh less than 115kg. If you’re above those weight limits (but still weigh under 135kg) it may be possible to make an exception with the approval and guidance of a trained instructor.


Do I need proper training before indoor skydiving in Penrith?

One of the advantages of indoor skydiving, other than its affordability and the fact it can run in all weather conditions, is how accessible it is. You’ll be given full training before your indoor skydive, but this isn’t complicated and is done on the same day, just before you step in to the vertical wind tunnel.

The highly-trained and friendly team at iFly Penrith will supply everything you with a helmet, goggles and flight suit, to make sure you stay safe and look the part during your indoor skydive.

They’ll also be awarded a souvenir flight certificate to prove they took the indoor plunge. Many people also walk away having developed a taste for more, so you could book one of our real skydiving experiences to put your skills to the test. 


How much is iFly Penrith?

All the latest prices for iFly Penrith indoor skydiving can be found on this page. Costs vary depending on the number of flights you take and other factors, including whether you want to go at the weekend or on a weekday. Additional costs may also apply for extras like virtual reality.


Where can I book an iFly Penrith experience?

You can book your indoor skydive here at Adrenaline. With our Lowest Price Guarantee you can book safe in the knowledge you’re getting a good deal. Lock in the time and date you want to go now, or buy as a gift voucher. Buying an experience gift voucher gives flexibility on when the experience is taken and has three years’ validity. iFly also has locations in Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane and Gold Coast.