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What is iFly?

iFly is the home of indoor skydiving. You’ll find their leading facilities in Australia-wide locations, something which has helped to greatly increase the popularity and accessibility of this exhilarating activity. You can step inside iFly wind tunnels in Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, Gold Coast and Brisbane. All offer an incredible experience that people of all ages can enjoy, so take your pick of which is most convenient to you.


Looking for activities for poor weather? Unlike a real skydive, you can enjoy this activity come rain or shine. No chance of being grounded because of rain or wind here! You’ll be given all the training you need on the day, so please allow time for this ahead of your flights. Once you enter the state-of-the-art wind tunnel, prepare to be lifted on a cushion of air.


Is indoor skydiving like the real thing?

An iFly indoor skydive is very much like the real thing. Except, of course, you don’t jump from a plane or need to parachute to the ground. There are advantages to this (mentioned above), which makes it a popular option for people thinking about doing an outdoor skydive, or just looking for fun activities that don’t cost huge sums of money.


The feeling you’ll experience is just like freefall when you skydive from a plane at 14,000ft. This is achieved by the electric fans pulling air through the tunnel. Your freefall experience will last around 60 seconds, just as it would during real freefall. How many flights you take is up to you, and for an additional cost you can put on a VR headset for a virtual reality skydive. This makes the experience even more realistic, with the option of amazing views of Hawaii or the Swiss Alps. 


Indoor skydives take place in a glass wind tunnel, so it’s great fun watching others. There’s a viewing platform and friends and family are welcome.


How much does iFly cost?

The cost of your iFly experience can vary depending on factors such as whether you go on a weekend or weekday, as well as the location you choose and the number of flights you take. You can always check the latest prices here at Adrenaline on our product pages. Popular options like two flights at iFly indoor skydiving Perth can cost as little as $79. 


What are the best iFly deals?

If it’s the best iFly deals you want, we’re here to help. Choose from our range of iFly experiences to find the option that suits you best. We regularly compare prices with the competition and all our experiences are backed by our Lowest Price Guarantee, meaning you can book with confidence that you’re getting a great deal. You can sort our products by price low to high to find the cheapest and latest iFly deals at any time.


Where to book iFly indoor skydiving?

Booking your iFly indoor skydive is easy here at Adrenaline. Whether you’re flying solo, hosting a party or corporate function or taking the family for a day out, we can help. Just book in a time and date that suits, or buy a voucher for extra flexibility about when you go.


What is the age limit for iFly?

Kids aged three and up are welcome at iFly. There is no upper age limit, but you should be in good health to take part and some restrictions apply. This is truly an all-ages activity!