Indoor Skydiving Kids

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How much is indoor skydiving for kids?

The latest indoor skydiving prices for kids, across all iFly locations in Australia, can be found right here at Adrenaline. Prices can vary depending on factors including geographical location and the number of flights you want to take. Take a look at our range of indoor skydiving deals and select the option that suits you best, from Perth to Sydney.


Is indoor skydiving safe for kids?

Indoor skydiving is a safe activity and children ages three and up can take part. Indoor skydive centres are purpose built, using first-class technology. The original purpose for allowing people to skydive and experience freefall indoors was to give military aerialists the opportunity to practice their skills in all-weather conditions. It also had the huge advantage of them not needing to skydive from a plane again and again! Instructors are experienced and expertly trained, and make sure everyone is well looked after.


What is iFly?

iFly operates state-of-the-art indoor skydive centres in Sydney, Gold Coast, Perth, Brisbane and Melbourne. These facilities allow people of all ages (including kids) the chance to enjoy the rush of freefall in all weather conditions. No need to go up in a plane, no lengthy training required and no chance of being grounded because of poor weather. People taking part fly on a cushion of air, created when air is pulled through the glass wind tunnel by powerful electric fans.


It’s a great starter option for people curious about doing a skydive, but wanting to experience freefall before leaping from a plane.


The sensation inside the wind tunnel is just like a real freefall from 14,000 ft. Choose the number of jumps you and your children want to take and get your experience booked. Each indoor skydive lasts around 60 seconds, which is around the time it would take to plummet thousands of feet from an aeroplane.


Family and friends can watch the action from the viewing platform. It’s almost as much fun watching your loved ones skydive as it is doing it yourself.


What is the age limit for indoor skydiving?

Children ages three and over can enjoy an indoor skydiving experience. This really is an incredible adrenaline-rush activity that all your family can get involved with. Many kids love the experience and, as a parent, you’re sure to enjoy seeing them having fun.


What to wear when indoor skydiving?

There’s no need to stress about what you and the kids should wear when you go indoor skydiving. Just make sure you’re wearing laced up, closed-toe shoes and comfortable clothing. When you arrive at iFly they’ll kit you out with everything you need to step inside the wind tunnel – a helmet, safety goggles and flight suit.


Where can I book indoor skydiving for kids?

You can book indoor skydiving for kids across iFly Australia locations here at Adrenaline. Take your pick from Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast or Perth. Lock in your time and date now, or buy as gift vouchers, giving flexibility to choose at a later point with three years’ validity. Book with confidence, thanks to our great price match guarantee you can be sure of great value for money iFly prices.