Learn To Fly A Helicopter In Melbourne - 30 Minutes

Learn To Fly A Helicopter In Melbourne - 30 Minutes

Helicopters are without a doubt one of the most versatile and vital vehicles in the world. Now it's your turn to fly one of these impressive machines.

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  • Description
    • Learn to fly a helicopter in Melbourne
    • Australia's leading helicopter school and training facility
    • 30-minute training flight

    Learn To Fly A Helicopter In Melbourne! 

    Experience the unmatched thrill of flying a helicopter with a trial introductory flight! Flight training in your helicopter introductory training flight will take place in a 2-seater helicopter, a Robinson R22 or Schweizer 300CBi.

    After meeting your helicopter flight instructor, you'll have a briefing where the theory and fundamentals of helicopter flight, including an introduction by the helicopter pilot to the controls in your (dual controlled) aircraft.

    After a systems check and final OK, it's time for take-off. You're off on a 30-minute helicopter training flight (flight time measured from the step on to step off, with time airborne between 20-26 minutes).

    After a few minutes, your instructor will hand over controls, one by one, until, toward the end of the helicopter pilot training flight, you might have full control. Try to maintain a steady flight path, or attempt a hover (staying motionless in mid-air) - which sounds easy, but is hilariously hard!

    This is a heart-thumping, sweaty-palmed adventure in a flight experience that should be on everyone's bucket list. Your time in the aircraft will count towards your pilot's licence as a commercial pilot licence if you choose to continue with lessons.

    Intensity: 4.0 Intensity
    Intensity: 4.0 Intensity
  • Experience Details

    Fitness and Experience

    • You need to be over 16 years or older and have no major disabilities
    • No particular level of fitness is required. but people with epilepsy cannot fly
    • No experience is required - you will be supervised by an expert instructor at all times
    • No heavy drinking the night before and a decent breakfast on the morning are recommended
    • Maximum weight is 120kg

    What to Bring/Wear

    • Loose comfortable clothing should be worn, as it can get quite warm in the cockpit
    • Sunglasses are a must as the glare off clouds can be quite severe
    • A cap is also a good idea
    • You must bring photo ID with you on the day

    What is Supplied

    • Professional instructor
    • Pre-flight briefing in the large helicopter briefing room
    • Access to lounge for family and friends (includes outdoor viewing area, great for photos and to watch the action)
    • All passengers may be subject to a random handheld metal detector scan by airport security professionals
    • 20 minutes briefing and 20-25 minutes airborne in the training helicopter
    • All necessary equipment & training
    • On completion of your flight you will receive a flight Certificate, the flying time gained on this experience can count towards your helicopter licence

    More Information

    If the weather turns particularly windy or rainy, you will not be able to fly.

    Itinerary of flight may vary at the pilot's discretion, dependent on weather and conditions on the day.

    How much are helicopter flying lessons?

    A learn to fly a helicopter in Melbourne – 30 minute training flight, which takes place at Australia’s leading helicopter school at Moorabbin Airport, is priced from around $295 at Adrenaline. 

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