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Skydiving Bendigo Melbourne - Learn to Skydive AFF Stage 1

Skydiving Bendigo Melbourne - Learn to Skydive AFF Stage 1

The ultimate adventure, your first Freefall Skydive! What was once the dream of many, but reality to only a few daring souls is now a fun and exciting sport enjoyed by thousands of people.

Bendigo, Melbourne (Melbourne)
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  • Description

    The Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) skydiving course is the most comprehensive introduction to sports skydiving and consists of nine stages comprising a minimum of 11 jumps. The ground training, classroom work and skydiving take place at the Drop Zone.

    Nothing more to pay on the day! Your Australian Parachute Federation Levy is included in the price.

    Once you have demonstrated an understanding of the skydiving skills learnt during your ground training you can progress to a skydiving jump wearing your own parachute and with two skydiving instructors, one on each side of you. They are there to hold on to the grips on your jumpsuit to help maintain your stability during freefall and to check your altitude awareness before deployment.

    Once you have successfully deployed your parachute you will commence the final stage of your skydiving adventure – landing. You'll have clear air to fly through while you're guided back to earth by your Target Control Officer (TCO) on the ground. Your skydiving parachute system, specially designed for skydiving students, comprises a ram air main canopy, a ram air reserve canopy and an Automatic Activation Device. Once the skydiving course is over, the sky's the limit!


    Intensity: 5.0 Intensity
    Intensity: 5.0 Intensity
  • Next Available Dates
    05 Nov 16  (Saturday)
    03 Dec 16  (Saturday)
  • Reviews
    1 Review
    4 out of 5

    My first AFF solo skydive was one of the best experiences of my life.... I can't wait to do more !

    Evan H   4 out of 5
  • Experience Details

    Fitness and Experience

    • You must be 16 years or over (parental permission is required for participants aged 16-18)
    • You must not be at high risk of having a heart attack
    • You must not be not pregnant
    • We may need to ask you some basic questions about your health. Should you have any doubts it is best to consult your doctor
    • Maximum weight 100kg

    What to Bring/Wear

    • Courage!
    • Wear comfortable clothing
    • On your feet, runners or trainers are a must. Avoid wearing shoes or boots with 'hook' style laces or chunky tread and heels
    • Bunkhouse accommodation is provided as part of the package, so please bring warm bedding

    What is Supplied

    • Stage 1 of the AFF Course (ground training and 1st jump)
    • Professional tuition from qualified instructors
    • All equipment and reading materials
    • Bunkhouse accommodation
    • Your Australian Parachute Federation levy is included in the price

    More Information

    When can I jump? Stage 1 courses are generally run over Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday, you will start at 8am and finish at around 5pm. Most jumps do not take place until the second day, weather permitting. Contact Adrenalin for further details on dates. 

    Where to after Stage One? 
    Stage Two - Tracking Across the Sky, Forward Movement - $245.00 
    Stage Three - Hover Control - $245.00 
    Stage Four to Eight - Turns, Docking, Tracking & Backloops. $210.00
    Stage Nine - Solo Graduation Jump - $95.00

    NB: All repeat jumps incur additional charges. At the successful completion of Stage 9 you have finished the student training part of your ‘A’ License. At the end of the B-Rel’s you then have to sit the ‘A’ license written and theory exam to qualify for your ‘A’ license. The next step from here is to purchase a ‘rig’ and go jumping. There are plenty of people including the drop zone safety officer who can give you advise on what to look for when purchasing a rig. 

    Expect to pay $4,000 - $5,500 for a good condition second hand rig with a cypress automatic activation device. 

    What about photos? DVD’s are $120, DVD & Stills $145. 

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