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World's Highest Portaledge Cliff Camping - Mount Buffalo VIC

best seller World's Highest Portaledge Cliff Camping - Mount Buffalo VIC

The Beyond the Edge portaledge cliff camping experience and The Descent abseil take place on a cliff face at around 300m in height, which makes them amongst the highest in the world.

Mount Buffalo National Park (Mount Buffalo)
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  • Description
    • Australia’s first commercial portaledge cliff camping experience
    • Experience a thrilling overnight stay on a portaledge suspended on a vertical cliff face 300m above the ground
    • Optional extra "The Descent", one of the highest abseils in the world (optional, available at cost)
    • All training and safety equipment included
    • Dinner and breakfast included

    This unique experience includes a thrilling overnight stay on a portaledge suspended on a vertical cliff face hundreds of metres above the ground. After a thorough training session you will abseil down to your portaledge, perched high on the majestic cliffs of the North Wall of Mount Buffalo gorge. From this spectacular location you can absorb the breathtaking views whilst you enjoy your dinner and settle in for an unforgettable night sleeping on the wall. Dawn will further reveal the beauty of this incredible environment, as you wake to enjoy your breakfast and marvel at your amazing surroundings.

    Following breakfast you have the choice of either ascending to the cliff top or, for those thirsting for more adventure, completing "The Descent" to the valley floor ("The Descent" is available at extra cost). "The Descent" is an exposed and exciting abseil ranked amongst the highest in the world.

    Spending a night on a portaledge requires courage and mental fortitude, but it is an amazing adventure and an experience like no other. Once completed, you can justifiably feel proud of having participated in an activity that has been shared by very few people in the world. This experience will undoubtedly provide an enormous sense of achievement and memories that will last a lifetime.

    Intensity: 5.0 Intensity
    Intensity: 5.0 Intensity
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  • Experience Details

    Fitness and Experience

    • No experience is required, all necessary training will be provided.
    • Participants require a moderate level of fitness.
    • Minimum age is 18 years.
    • Maximum combined weight of participants on the portaledge is 200kg.
    • Please inform us of any medical conditions that may affect your ability to participate in this experience.

    What to Bring/Wear

    It is important to have good clothing and equipment appropriate for conditions ranging from very cold to very hot, and from dry to wet. Participants who have chosen to include "The Descent" abseil as part of the experience will also need to be prepared for a moderately difficult, multi-hour scramble ascent.

    Recommended Clothing:

    • Sturdy, comfortable footwear (particularly important if completing optional "The Descent" abseil)
    • Comfortable, loose-fitting pants and shirt (preferably made of quick-drying, synthetic material)
    • Warm mid-layer
    • Cold weather jacket
    • Waterproof shell jacket
    • Waterproof shell pants
    • Hat
    • Beanie
    • Gloves

    Recommended Equipment:

    • Sleeping bags (appropriate for very cold conditions)
    • Sunscreen
    • Sunglasses
    • Insect repellant
    • Cameras
    • Mobile phones
    • Personal medications
    • Participants will need to provide their own snacks, as well as lunches for before and after the experience.

    Spectators are most welcome and there are many spectacular viewpoints from which to see and photograph the Cliff Camping and "The Descent" experiences. However, spectators will be required to be self-sufficient and will need to organise their own accommodation.

    What is Supplied

    Combined, the Cliff Camping and optional "The Descent" experiences are approximately 24 hours long, including time spent training. Roughly 12 hours may be spent on the portaledge, depending on daylight hours and general comfort factors.

    Equipment supplied:

    • All safety and roping equipment
    • Day packs
    • Sleeping mats
    • Camping pillows
    • Head torches
    • Water bladders
    • Eating utensils
    • Thermos
    • LED lighting
    • Sleeping bags may be supplied for an extra fee upon request

    Food and refreshments included:

    • Dinner and Breakfast
    • Water will be provided as required

    More Information

    The portaledge cliff camping experience and "The Descent" abseil take place on a cliff face at around 300m in height, which makes them amongst the highest commercial cliff camping and abseiling experiences in the world.

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Location map

Mount Buffalo National Park

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