Norwell Park Raceway

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High speeds. The thrill of feeling a 450hp engine at the mercy of your will. Cornering hairpin turns and remaining in complete control. Doesn’t this sound amazing? This is way beyond idle talk with your officemates, this is the real deal. Before you set out onto the raceway with helmet in hand, we’re definitely going to give you a few pointers on safety, high-speed techniques and some awesome overtaking manoeuvres. Surprised? Don’t be. We’re not going to just let you drive an incredible V8 Commodore like you would your ‘family’ car. This kind of car requires a bit of extra attention, preparation and skill.

Of course, before you get settled into the driver’s seat we’re going to let you see, up close and personal how the professionals really work their magic. Your instructors will demonstrate all the techniques; tips and tricks to making a V8 experience like this the best ever. Fear not! This won’t be the last time you see or hear your instructor. As you cruise around the track, you’ll be able to hear your instructor through an intercom so you can roar around the track as fast and as safely as possible.

Enough talk! Don’t waste another moment watching the TV or sitting far too safely back in the grandstands. Get down into the pit yourself and take on a V8.

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