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  • Drive Your Car On The Race Track - Baskerville Raceway

Have you ever wanted to experience one of Australia’s most iconic race tracks – at speed in your own car? This exhilarating drive day kicks off with a mandatory coaching session with a trained race driver before you're free to enjoy unlimited laps – line up as often as you like!

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Old Beach (Hobart)
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  • Description
    • Experience the full power of your car driving on a real race track
    • Enjoy unlimited laps all day and no speed limit to hold you back
    • Refine your driving skills with a coaching session with a trained race driver

    If you want to feel the thrill of driving your car at full power and maximum speed, you can actually hit the race track like a real pro. At Baskerville Raceway you can satisfy your inner petrol head with a full day of extreme driving. 

    Take your car to one of Australia’s best race tracks for an epic day of unlimited laps and unlimited speed. At Baskerville Raceway you’ll kick off with a briefing on safety, track etiquette, and meet the team of driving coaches who will be getting you race ready. For your first couple of laps you’ll have a trained racing instructor by your side in the passenger seat, giving you the guidance you need to get the most out of your car and the race track. You can use this opportunity to ask questions, get comfortable, and learn about mastering the speed and agility of your vehicle.

    Once you’re ready, you’ll then have the whole day to take on as many adrenaline-fuelled laps as you like, so by the time you leave you’ll be zooming around Baskerville Raceway like a pro. You can even take passengers along for the ride with you after lunch, and there’s space for family or friends to spectate. Plus, if you’re keen for more coaching, that’s often available during the day. This is a unique opportunity to drive with no limitations like a real race car driver, and take driving from a mundane activity to an extreme sport. 

    Intensity: 3.0 Intensity
    Intensity: 3.0 Intensity
  • Experience Details

    Fitness and Experience

    • All drivers and passengers are required to hold a minimum of a provisional license
    • Cars must be roadworthy and be able to pass basic safety requirements
    • Three point safety belts at a minimum are required
    • Your helmet must pass basic safety requirements on the day
    • Drivers must be unaffected by drugs or alcohol and may be required to undergo a test
    • Vehicles with a full roll cage may take passengers all day
    • There is wheelchair access for spectators

    What to Bring/Wear

    • Enclosed shoes are essential - heels and thongs are not permitted
    • Long trousers and a long sleeve top are recommended
    • You will need to remove all sharp objects from your pockets prior to entering the vehicle

    What is Supplied

    • Coaching session with a trained race driver
    • Unlimited laps around Baskerville Raceway on the day

    More Information

    • The day will commence with a mandatory drivers briefing at 8:45am
    • Once drivers briefing and observations laps have been completed you are free to come and go as you please throughout the day
    • Drivers will be required to sign a disclaimer form prior to driving
    • Please note that noise restrictions do apply at most circuits and excessively loud vehicles may not be able to participate
    • Passengers are permitted in the cars after lunch and a fee of $20 is payable on the day for passenger bands

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Old Beach (Hobart)

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