Sandown Raceway

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Sure your every day car might just have the capabilities to go pretty fast. We’re quite certain that it can’t hold a candle to the kind of speed, handling and all out excitement that one of our V8 cars can generate. Plus, does your car require a helmet? Didn’t think so. A Commodore or Monaro is pretty much begging for you to go harder, faster and push it to the limits. We’re not going to send you out onto the racetrack unprepared! The V8 cars command a certain level of skill and respect.

Before you settle into the drivers’ seat, your instructor will demonstrate a few of the key manoeuvres such as late braking, overtaking and proper acceleration that will make your experiences that much safer and equally incredible! Once you’re all set, you’ll don a jumpsuit and helmet and settle in behind the wheel! Get ready to go faster than you ever thought possible and command a whole new level of respect from your family and mates as you skilfully take a 450hp engine through its paces.

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