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Self Defence

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Self defence is not merely a matter of strategy or even survival, but a paramount investment in self preservation and livelihood. 

Adrenaline takes the art of self defence seriously, especially with its emphasis on women-focused courses. Of course, everyone requires protection in the event of unwanted approaches, so nobody is excluded from the range of self-defence tuition, techniques and training styles offered Australia wide. 

The Fight Back! Women’s Self Defence – group or single sessions, held on the Gold Coast, are designed to provide 1.5-hour tuition and training that covers all technical and practical skills in how best to defend yourself in the event of an unwanted approach or attack. 

What's considered self defence?

Self defence is any form of action, mental or physical, that results in the individual being forced to react defensively.

The achievement in its definition is acquiring the ability to ward off unwanted attacks in a professional, efficient and results-oriented outcome.

This is where self defence courses bridge the divide between ignorance or avoidance and seizing the opportunity to ultimately learn exactly how to protect the most import person in your life (yours truly) in any challenging or unwanted situation.

What is the purpose of self defence?

Self defence has a multipurpose use in contemporary life. At its axis is the learned ability to fend off unwanted attacks by employing physical and mindful techniques that are innately taught at all self defence classes on offer at Adrenaline.

A positive flow-on effect of this core purpose of learning self defence methods is in building self esteem by boosting confidence in one’s ability to successfully take care of oneself in any unexpected scenario they might encounter.  

Should I take self defence classes?

The short answer is: absolutely. If you feel unsure about your mental and physical abilities to look after yourself in any situation, then you are an ideal candidate for a self defence course offered at Adrenaline. 

Similarly, if you are small in stature but big on internal fortitude, self defence classes would instinctively help you to channel all inner reserves in your outward approach to staying safe and protected at all times. 

Self defence classes are perfect for women of all ages, but also men who feel unsure of their abilities in a self-defence situation or seek to learn fresh skills for strengthening physical, mental and holistic resolve in all areas of life.