SkyPoint Climb

SkyPoint Climb is a must-do Gold Coast activity. This open-air climb takes you 270 metres above sea level to the top of the Q1 building in Surfers Paradise. You’ll be rewarded with spectacular 360 views of the area and its landmarks, and see as far away as Brisbane and Byron Bay.

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What is SkyPoint?
SkyPoint is the name given to the observation deck at the top of the Q1 building on the Gold Coast, Queensland. The observation deck is on level 77 and 78, and includes a lounge bar, weather station, museum and more. The Skypoint Climb began in January 2012 and is Australia’s highest external building climb, with unbeatable views of the Gold Coast and Gold Coast Hinterland and a unique beachside location.
How long does the SkyPoint climb takes?

The climb experience takes 90 minutes in total. This building climb adventure begins on the ground level of SkyPoint. Gold Coast adventure guides introduce themselves, get to know your names and get started. Inside SkyPoint, you’ll approach an elevator that takes you up to level 77 where you’ll begin your Q1 climb. As you wait for the lift up you’ll feel the anticipation (and maybe even a few nerves) building. But don’t worry, you’re going to have a great time. The elevator is a bullet from the ground floor to level 77 in a mere 42.7 seconds! Up top, you’ll gear up with a full-body climb suit and a harness. Are you ready? Your SkyPoint climb is about to get started.

What to expect on the SkyPoint Climb

You take your first step out at 240m. Securely fastened to the walkway, you’ll continue heaven-bound until reaching the spire. On one side of the walkway there’s a handrail to help guide you. On the other side—nothing, just open sky! You’re free to ascend by either side. Real thrill seekers will love the chance to walk unassisted. 

No other Gold Coast attractions offer these views. At the highest point on this Q1 climb, you’re higher than all sightseeing air traffic! Appreciate the vistas: the sandy beaches, the striking Gold Coast architecture, the bustling city street 270m below. These Surfer’s Paradise views are second to none. See as far out as Brisbane and Byron Bay!

Everyone taking part in the SkyPoint climb also gets access to the observation deck. This is a great place to kick back with a drink or bite to eat and be awed by the scenery without moving a muscle.

If there’s anyone in your group wanting the views from the Q1 without the thrill they could go for Observation Deck Admission or even a Deck & Dine Experience. This is a great place for them to relax while you head higher.

When is the best time for a SkyPoint climb?

The SkyPoint Climb is impressive at any time of day, but the SkyPoint Twilight Climb is an incredible Gold Coast adventure that might just take the experience to the next level. The sky-high attraction’s views look stunning at the best of times, so the addition of the setting sun only adds to it. Watch as the sun dips its head below the horizon and feel electrified as night falls upon the Gold Coast. The city comes alive with a stunning light show. A SkyPoint sunset climb offers all the thrills of the daytime climb but with a dash of romance!
How much does the SkyPoint climb experience cost? Where to book?

SkyPoint Climb experiences typically cost between $77 and $97 depending on the time of day you would like to climb. All the latest climb experience rates and details on any special offers can be found right here at Adrenaline. Booking is quick and easy and with our Lowest Price Guarantee you can relax, safe in the knowledge you’re getting a great deal.

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