Self Defence

Self-defence is your best weapon to combat any unwanted approaches or attacks. Adrenaline offers women-centred courses that provide the best sporting chance to defuse aggressors with physical and verbal training techniques. These group or individual self-defence programs take place on the Gold Coast and topics covered include preventative methods, fight or flight theory and how to attack swiftly and effectively if the need calls for physical self defence.
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The fine art of self defence involves a highly physical and innately theoretical approach that provides your best sporting chance in the event of unwanted attacks.

Adrenaline helps keep the women in your life equipped and protected with its offer of female-focused professionally conducted self defence courses.

These sessions will not only keep you fit and active, but also expertly designed to boost confidence levels and improve self-esteem.

Why is sport good for you?

Playing or engaging in sporting activities is beneficial in many areas of life and at every age. The most obvious one is to improve fitness and individual skills. A sense of teamwork and social camaraderie is also developed beyond the sporting field, which helps to build lasting friendships united by a common goal.

Team sports, such as soccer, football, cricket, tennis doubles or any group activity, also provide a training ground for diplomacy. It is important to not only win but also lose with dignity, respect and tolerance for your team mates and opposition. This is also an invaluable lesson imparted to all participants in how to deal with challenging, difficult or even traumatic situations in real life.

The development of physical, mental and social skills acquired by playing sport ultimately equates to an overall healthy lifestyle. This is particularly evident in increasing wellbeing skills on an individual and team basis.

How does physical activity improve your wellbeing?

Being physically active not only increases endorphins, which are natural hormones produced by the body that improve mental wellbeing. But on a physiological level, regular activity also boosts cardiovascular fitness and increases muscle tone.

Physical fitness also acts as a defence against illness by strengthening the immune system and empowering self-belief and innate abilities to overcome life’s trials and rejoice in its tribulations.

Increasing your physical fitness levels also helps to combat the effects of ageing and thereby promoting better long-term health.

Which sport is best for self defence?

The Fight Back! Women’s Self Defence Group Session and for individuals on the Gold Coast offered at Adrenaline provides the verbal and physical arsenal to defuse any unwanted approaches or even potentially violent attacks.

The professional instructors will guide you technically and with physical training skills to combat potential aggressors who are physically stronger and larger than most women.

The all-important attributes you will acquire during this course will also provide essential flow through in all aspects of life, both mental and physical.

You can book these self defence programs online at Adrenaline or purchase a gift voucher for the lady in your life to redeem this invaluable protection and combat course.

Adrenaline gift vouchers start from $25 and can be used to redeem any of the 2500-plus experiences on land, air or water throughout Australia. All vouchers are valid for three years, can be instantly emailed to the recipient or sent via post.

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