Aerobatic Flight, 30-minute - Sydney

  • Aerobatic Flight, 30-minute - Sydney
  • Aerobatic Flight, 30-minute - Sydney
  • Aerobatic Flight, 30-minute - Sydney

You only live once and you haven't lived until you have flown upside down over the land, spiralled nose down towards the earth, looped the looped and barrel rolled your way across the skies.

Item: AE16450RO
Bankstown Airport (Sydney)
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  • Description
    • 30 Minute Aerobatic Flight
    • Experienced Aerobatic pilot
    • HD Video footage available to purchase on the day
    • As mild or wild as you can handle!

    Aerobatic Flight Sydney

    Upon your arrival at Red Baron HQ, Bankstown, you will climb into a flight-suit and prepare to board. Your Pilot will strap you securely into the Robin 2160 aerobatic training aircraft and fasten your headphones. There will be plenty of time for your family and friends to take photographs of you as you prepare for your flight.

    Your pilot will proceed to give you a briefing on the aircraft’s controls and operations. When you feel secure, your pilot will climb in beside you and prepare the plane for take off. You will be able to hear all the calls to air traffic control and speak to your pilot through the intercom.
    Once airborne you’ll head west towards the foothills of the Great Dividing Range. Over St Mary’s- in the designated training area- you’ll climb to 3500ft-4000ft. You’ll start with some basic manoeuvres- like loops, barrel rolls, wingovers and hammer head turns- to get the feel of things.
    After warming you up your pilot will put all these elements together into an adrenaline inducing sequence of the type used in air shows; and while aerobatic manoeuvres are all fun and games today don’t forget they developed out of the serious business of WWI, where fighter pilots like Baron Von Richthofen (the Red Baron) and other flying aces performed these complicated aerial moves to avoid being shot down in deadly dog fights.

    Once you’re back at Red Baron HQ you’ll be hard pressed to stop smiling for the rest of the day and we hope it is an experience you will remember for the rest of your life.

    Intensity: 4.0 Intensity
    Intensity: 4.0 Intensity
  • Experience Details

    Fitness and Experience

    • There is no need for any previous flying experience 
    • Maximum height 195cm (6'4"), weight 110kg
    • If you are under 18, you must have parental consent

    What to Bring/Wear

    • Loose comfortable clothing suitable to the weather on the day
    • Wear sturdy, enclosed shoes
    • Sunglasses and cap are recommended
    • Don’t forget your camera
    • Hair tie for long hair

    What is Supplied

    • The aerial roller coaster ride of a lifetime!
    • Flight suit to protect your clothes and make you look like part of the crew
    • Professional pilot
    • Drinking water

    More Information

    HD video can be purchased on the day.

    Weekends are most popular but we run any day of the week at your request. 

    Passengers are not permitted to carry anything on the flight as loose objects may be dropped into the aircraft and jam a flight control. If you want to bring a camera it must have a camera strap. Compact cameras are preferred.

  • 19 Reviews
    19 Reviews
    4.8 out of 5

    The staff at Red Baron where the most professional I have had the pleasure of dealing with. Highly recommend

    Craig G   5 out of 5

    It's one of the amazing experiences I've had till date. I'd thank adrenaline for making me aware of almost all the thrilling experience including this.

    Appu   5 out of 5

    The experience was amazing!

    Jared   5 out of 5

    A really exhilarating experience, just so much fun

    Bruno M   4 out of 5

    I cannot recommend the Red Baron Adrenaline aerobatic flight or staff enough. The experience was unlike anything else, especially the feeling of the g forces and the fast manoeuvres. The staff were welcoming, knowledgeable and I felt I was in safe, professional hands the entire time, especially with my pilot Dan. If you're a thrill seeker who can handle the rush then do it, you won't regret it. Thanks!

    Zeljko   5 out of 5

    Very good pilot, very respectful staff to me and my family. Will be coming back. Thank you to the staff and team for making me feel safe and welcome.

    Josh   5 out of 5

    Absolutely fantastic would highly recommend

    Gemma   5 out of 5

    The team at Red Barron were awesome! Everyone was friendly, relaxed and fun I will definitely be bringing others here!!

    Skye   5 out of 5

    Adrenalin provided good customer service, following up the purchase with phone calls to find out travel times in case of poor weather. The ride was a gift and proved to get the heart racing for a regular thrill seeker

    Darren   5 out of 5

    It's amazing experience!

    QIU Y   5 out of 5
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Bankstown Airport (Sydney)

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