Drift School Half Day Intermediate 101 - Sydney Dragway Eastern Creek

now open Drift School Half Day Intermediate 101 - Sydney Dragway Eastern Creek

Join us on this half-day Drift School Drive and Ride! This well-run introduction to the world of drifting is an eye-opening thrill ride from start to finish.

Sydney Dragway (Eastern Creek)
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  • Description
    Check out the Drift School video!
    • Course time varies between 1-2 hours depending on student numbers.
    • Drift Handbrake Turn Training
    • Drift Donut Training
    • Drift Entry Training
    • Includes 2 Drift Battle Hot Laps with a professional driver at the wheel

    Drift Experience Sydney

    Drift School, Sydney – The ultimate gift for the lead-footed rev-head in your life! This action-packed experience takes place under expert supervision (with Aussie Drift Championship Drivers!) in specially modified cars built from the ground up for Drifting.

    At Drift School, you will learn the techniques to form a perfect, professional competition style Drift, where you will be completely sideways well before the corner. After a briefing on general drifting principals and safety, you will be strapped in alongside with professional instructors to show you how it’s done, before you take the wheel yourself to learn and perform techniques such as Drift Handbrakes Turns and Controlled Drift Donuts, where you will combine these skills to perform the perfect Drift Entry.

    You will then be strapped in with a Professional Competition Drifter who will take you on a thrill ride of your life in a real, head-to-head Drift Battle! There's plenty of driving time in a variety of purpose built cars including: Nissan 180SX, Nissan Silvia S13, Nissan Silvia S14, Nissan Silvia S15, Nissan Skyline R32, Nissan Skyline R33, Holden Commodore and Ford Falcon.

    Cars and instructors are fully equipped to deal with the punishment. Come and drive our cars, with our tyres, all in a safe, race track environment. This course is a thrilling experience with great instructor/student ratios and with plenty of hands-on driving.

    And it’s not just for the boys – up to 40% of the participants are girls! Course time varies between 1-2 hours depending on student numbers. The order of proceedings and session length may vary based on numbers on the day.

    Intensity: 4.0 Intensity
    Intensity: 4.0 Intensity
  • Experience Details

    Fitness and Experience

    • Experience in driving manual cars is essential
    • To be minimum age 16 (Under 18’s will require adult’s consent)
    • Drivers Licence is not necessary
    • No weight or height restrictions

    What to Bring/Wear

    • Bring a cap and sunscreen on hot & sunny days
    • Don't forget your camera & video camera
    • Long sleeve shirt & pants and enclosed shoes are compulsory

    What is Supplied

    • Technique 1 – Drift Handbrake Entry. Four hands-on attempts following a professional demonstration
    • Technique 2 – Drift Donut. Three minutes of hands-on experience following a professional demonstration
    • Technique 3 – Drift Entry. Four hands-on attempts on our mini track following a professional demonstration
    • Drift Battle Thrill Rides with D1 World All Star & Drift Australia Champion, Fernando Wiehrl, and another professional competition drifter over two laps: one in the ‘lead lap’ and another in the ‘chase lap’
    • Professional in car instruction
    • Professional photography throughout the course
    • Tea, coffee and snacks for students
    • ADR approved helmet
    • Course time varies between 1-2 hours depending on student numbers

    More Information

    Drifting began in the mountain roads of Japan and has developed into a professional sport, popular across the world and highlighted in films such as the Fast and Furious. 

    Some of the cars: 

    Nissan 180SX
    Nissan 200SX Silvia S13 
    Nissan 200SX Silvia S14
    Nissan 200SX Silvia S15 
    Nissan Skyline R32 
    Nissan Skyline R33

  • 19 Reviews
    19 Reviews
    4.8 out of 5

    would have loved the driving time to be longer. thanks to the whole team at Drift School Australia. 100% coming back!

    Tobias M   5 out of 5

    Really like to thank the drift school crew for an awsome time especially Ainsley for teaching me the drift techniques like the donuts and helping me out in the expression session trying to get my handbrake entry perfect in the s14 and also thanks to courtney for teaching me the first handbrake entry in the s15. Overall top experience and definatley gonna try the masterclasses ????????

    Daniel s   5 out of 5


    luke R   5 out of 5

    The first three elements of the course were brilliant, I started with Courtney in the S13 Silvia and it was a great platform to start with both the donuts and handbrake turn transitions. Having the two stages flow back to back was great because I could get used to how the car behaved. The first two attempts was familiarising myself with the cars throttle and steering and the next two attempts was refining the technique. Courtney was a pleasure to learn from, she kept it fun and described the steps in an easy to understand manner. After the beginning session I asked Courtney if I was able to have the last element of training in the same car, Courtney advised it is good to mix up the experience with different cars. The drift battle experience was fantastic, (I think I had Jim in the S13 Silvia) he was relaxed and at no point did it feel unsafe. This was a definite highlight of the day. As a spectator this was also brilliant, the E46 BMW and the V8 S14 were sensory overload to my eyes and ears. My final training was in the R33 GTS. The handbrake, weight and steering were completely different (as to be expected) and the car stalled twice whilst at idle. The trainer was patient and described the technique well, however I found the first two attempts were just to adjust to how hard I need to apply the brake, then the next two were to feel the steering and throttle. Another two attempts would have solidified the experience for me, rather than my failed attempts whilst trying to get accustomed to the car. After such a strong start to the day it was disappointing to not successfully apply the training within the car I had the luxury of practicing the first two steps. knowing this I was relieved I had the S13 to start the day with. The atmosphere and how the staff engaged with the crew and trainees was terrific and helped make the day more enjoyable.

    Derek H   4 out of 5

    Needs to be a food and drink place there long hours without drink ok if you drink coffee.

    Tracy s   5 out of 5

    Amazing experience i would only suggest that the course was wetter

    Sarah h   4 out of 5

    Staff were fantastic, instructors were extremely helpful and the cars were beyond expectation. I will be back, garunteed.

    Jay H   5 out of 5

    Drift School 101 was an amazing half day. All of the staff were really friendly & encouraging of everyone no matter their skill set. It was a very hot day for our class, but they provided plenty of shelter for participants & spectators, as well as icy cold water. I would highly recommend this adventure for anyone with an interest in cars!

    Amy W   5 out of 5

    It was a great day made better by awesome staff. They made sure we had fun and were giving it a red hot go.

    Ben W   5 out of 5

    We all had a fantastic day...

    Allen E   5 out of 5
    More Reviews
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Sydney Dragway (Eastern Creek)

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