Virtual Reality Escape Room Experience - Sydney MON-THURS SPECIAL OFFER

  • Virtual Reality Escape Room Experience - Sydney MON-THURS SPECIAL OFFER

If you love escape games or ever wanted to immerse yourself in amazing virtual worlds, get ready for super teamwork, quick thinking and lightning reflexes to complete your mission in 60 minutes.

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  • Description

    Sydney's only virtual reality escape rooms with hand tracking and real-life special effects - feel the wind and heat on your face, smell the gunpowder and smoke!

    Love escape rooms or want to escape from reality?

    Get projected into amazing virtual worlds with friends as Avatars. See, hear and interact as a team to find clues, solve puzzles, fly through outer space and perform impossible feats to complete your mission in an action packed 60 minutes.

    • Environmental effects making the action feel real - smell the gunpowder and smoke and feel the wind and heat on your face
    • The only virtual reality Sydney has using real-time hand tracking without controllers
    • Take fun pictures and videos of each other while playing in your private room in teams of 2-6
    • Add extra excitement going head to head with multiple rooms for larger groups


    • Space Heroes: Explore a sabotaged space station with your friends. Experience zero-gravity flight, shoot lasers, fight against hostile robots, and use telekinesis, all while collaboratively solving puzzles and working to save Earth in 60 minutes
    • Mad Mind: Become a team of detectives to go deep into the memories of a maniac to investigate the kidnapping of a child. Work together to solve diabolical and dangerous puzzles and uncover the secrets held in the mind of a madman in 60 minutes
    Intensity: 3.0 Intensity
    Intensity: 3.0 Intensity
  • Experience Details

    Fitness and Experience

    • Age restrictions apply to the games, with Space Heroes recommended for 9 years (the minimum recommended age) and over, and Mad Mind recommended for 15 years and over
    • Players under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult
    • Participant with epilepsy cannot participate
    • If participant has a history of photosensitive seizures, anxiety disorders, post-traumatic stress or heart conditions, please consult a doctor before playing
    • The adventures are sit down experiences, but pregnant women and the elderly should exercise caution
    • If participant is prone to motion sickness, taking motion sickness tablets beforehand is recommended - Taking motion sickness tablets (which are available from the chemist) beforehand can help prevent any symptoms
    • The experience is playable in a wheelchair, just get in touch beforehand for access instructions.
    • Note: full use of both hands and arms and ability to hear and speak is required

    What to Bring/Wear

    • No specific type of clothing is required
    • During the virtual reality adventure you’ll be physically sitting down, however within the virtual reality world, you’ll be able to move around
    • If needed, wear your glasses or contact lenses, but contact lenses where possible. The virtual reality headsets are worn on top of your glasses and the distance between the left and right lenses in your headsets can be adjusted to fit your glasses. However, that if the frames of your glasses are larger than 15cm wide and 5cm tall, it will not fit inside the headsets

    What is Supplied

    • Virtual reality adventure up to 60 minutes
    • Interactive 3D photo wall pictures
    • Complimentary tea, coffee, hot chocolate and biscuits
    • Allow 1 hour 15 minutes for the entire experience

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