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Boeing 737 Flight Simulator Darling Harbour, Sydney - 60 Minute City Flyer

Boeing 737 Flight Simulator Darling Harbour, Sydney - 60 Minute City Flyer Boeing 737 Flight Simulator Darling Harbour, Sydney - 60 Minute City Flyer Boeing 737 Flight Simulator Darling Harbour, Sydney - 60 Minute City Flyer

This is no game! Our high tech simulators utilise the latest technology to fool your senses into believing you are actually captaining a jet airliner.

Darling Harbour (Sydney)
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  • Description

    The No. 1 Flight Simulator in Australia. Check out the Sydney Weekender video!

    • Darling Harbour Flight Simulator - 60 Minute City Flyer
    • Fly with the World Leader in Flight Simulator Entertainment
    • Spectacular High Definition (HD) visuals on 180° Curved Screen
    • Only Boeing Officially Licensed Product
    • No experience necessary – over 130,000 totally satisfied flyers
    Flight Simulator

    This is no game! Our high tech simulators utilise the latest technology to fool your senses into believing you are actually captaining a jet airliner. Flight Experience is similar to the flight simulators that airlines use to train their commercial pilots, and its 100% authentic replica cockpit delivers a total immersion virtual reality environment.

    Strap into the captain’s seat, plant your feet on the rudder pedals, clamp the thrust levers and control column... You’ve had a full briefing from your own personal instructor and you’re ready to fly the plane!

    After clearance from Air Traffic Control, you advance the throttles and your Boeing 737 hurtles down the runway and lifts off, climbing to 2000ft before banking into a 45° turn away from the airport.

    Forget sightseeing; you need to manage your air speed, maintain your altitude and watch your heading whilst simultaneously monitoring a dazzling array of screens and indicators.

    Your destination awaits you, and whether you’ve chosen your local airport, an international hub airport or a white-knuckle approach (like Hong Kong's Kai Tak or Paro's short, 17,000ft peak-surrounded runway) you must keep a cool head to apply your new aviator skills to nail your landing.

    Intensity: 3.0 Intensity
    Intensity: 3.0 Intensity
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  • Reviews
    40 Reviews
    4.7 out of 5

    Jethro, my F/O was an excellent co-pilot/instructor.I was given clear instruction and assistance which enabled me to enjoy the flying. Iwill have to have a return flight sometime to learn more of the intricacies of the setting up of the flight instruments etc. I loved the total experience. I was an lnternational flt attendant for 35 yrs. Now retired 70 yrs old. Thankyou

    Mr M   5 out of 5

    Had a blast and landed at one of my favourite airstrips. Thanks to 1st Officer Sam Hammond!!

    John D   5 out of 5

    It far exceeded expectations - a really great experience and memorable for all the right reasons!

    Colin W   5 out of 5

    Sam was an excellent 1st Officer - I would support his promotion to Captain

    Russell C   5 out of 5

    I had a great time on the 737 simulator and James (pilot) was absolutely outstanding :-)

    Glenn W   5 out of 5

    Everything was perfect! Buying the voucher was very simple, communications with the company was smooth, booking the event was easy and the Darling Harbour site is very convenient. The actual experience was even better tha I could imagine. I even love the metal gift box that the gift voucher came in. The perfect gift

    Lisa   5 out of 5

    Bought this as a surprise birthday gift for my husband. He loved it and as a "passenger" I did too. We fly a lot and it was great to see what happens in the cockpit. Hubby thinks he's now ready to lend a hand in an emergency!

    Karen   5 out of 5

    Great experience

    Struan K   5 out of 5

    I have not answered some questions eg feeling safe because they do not apply. I was extremely happy with all aspects of my "flight"

    Ron W   4 out of 5

    The Staff at 737 Simulator are excellent, the experience was great value as all four of us (family) were able to participate from an observation aspect, which we thoroughly enjoyed, Dad wants to go back and have another go at another airport, so I have more than enough 'Christmas gifts' that will make him very happy. I will recommend this experience to friends and family, it was a lovely day to see him having so much fun.

    Linda M   5 out of 5
    More Reviews
  • Experience Details

    Fitness and Experience

    • You do not need any level of fitness or experience to fly a simulator
    • This package can be tailored to suit the level of knowledge and experience you have

    What to Bring/Wear

    • You do not need to bring anything on this experience other than your sense of adventure! 
    • You can also bring up to two extra people to join you as passengers on your flight at no additional charge

    What is Supplied

    • 60 minute simulated flight 
    • City Flyer Package
    • An experienced pilot who will 'fly' one on one with you
    • Boarding pass during your check in process
    • Pre-flight briefing
    • You can also bring 2 friends/family to observe you while you fly free of charge

    More Information

    The Boeing 737 is the most popular and successful jet airliner ever produced. It is used by most major world airlines, such as Qantas, Virgin, United and British Airways.

    Our City Flyer is our most popular package. You’ll get an hour in the simulator which can be used for completing circuits at a number of different airports, or flying a ‘gate to gate’ sector flight using full airline procedures. Or if you’re up to it a combination of both! Try one of the world’s ten most challenging airports, or maybe an exotic holiday destination.

    Reward yourself with this Experience or surprise a loved one and help them realise their fantasy of becoming an Airline Pilot. They’ll love you for it. (We can even provide the Captain’s hat and jacket!) With this Experience get the chance to be the pilot and discover what it’s really like in the cockpit of this amazing jet airliner. And don’t worry, we’re here to guide and assist you.

    As the Pilot-in-Command you will be partnered with an Approved Flight Instructor who doubles as your First Officer. Your flight plan will be decided after a detailed Pre-Flight briefing. With thousands of cities to choose from, or with guidance from us, you select your departure airport. After watching an informative video presentation to help understand the array of instruments, gauges and controls, you’ll enter the cockpit.

    Our diverse range of products caters to those with no aviation experience right through to the professional pilot wishing to train or renew their licences with our CASA (Civil Aviation Safety Authority) approval. We have two ‘jump seats” so your Experience can be shared with others at no extra charge. At the end of the flight session we offer souvenir cockpit photos and DVD’s to re-live the dream!

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