Perfume Making Class - Sydney

now open Perfume Making Class - Sydney

You'll learn how to make a complex perfume and take away 2 X 30ml bottles of perfume.

Sydney (Leichhardt)
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  • Description

    Perfume Making Sydney

    • Discover how the sense of smell interact with the memory and emotion
    • Learn the structure and anatomy of a complex perfume
    • Observe how two or three odourants can combine together to form a complex fragrance.
    • Make two 30mls perfumes to take home 

    You are invited to participate in a perfume making workshop, using the same odourants as the major perfume houses use to manufacture their perfume. You can mix and match the odourants, you can combine an aldehyde with musk and amber then top it with neroli or Jasmine until you come up with a perfume that is you - your very own signature perfume!

    Your session will start with a brief history of how perfume has evolved throughout the ages, how the sense of smell works and the fact that smell identification in the brain is very closely associated with emotions and memory. We will discuss how the perfume is layered, using odourants that evaporate at different rate.

    "The Top Note" (the first smell when you apply the perfume) is made up of highly volatile odourants. Using different odourants that are suitable for this note you can you can mix and blend until you come up with a fragrance that is close to your soul.

    "The Heart Note" comes next. This fragrance is what you will be known by throughout the evening, this accord will be synonymous with you. You will be introduced to odourants that are suitable for this note, you can mix until you feel that the heart of the perfume is beating in tune with your heart.

    "The Base Note" of the perfume is the last scent left at the end of the day - typically wood, musk and amber notes remain. A relaxed, serene, reflective fragrance is required.

    Intensity: 1.0 Intensity
    Intensity: 1.0 Intensity
  • Experience Details

    Fitness and Experience

    • No level of fitness required for this type of indulgent activity
    • A participating adult is required for participants under the age of 16
    • To make a complex perfume we need to use essential oils as well as synthetic oils, chemicals derived from fruit and flowers such as aldehydes and esters. Some people may be sensitive to these chemicals

    What to Bring/Wear

    • Please bring a keen and sensitive nose
    • Dress casual
    • Don't forget your Adrenaline Booking Confirmation

    What is Supplied

    • Please allow two hours for your experience
    • You'll learn how to make a complex perfume and take away 2 X 30ml bottles of perfume
    • All equipment is supplied!


Sydney (Leichhardt)

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