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Learn Trapeze: Sydney, Melbourne and Perth

Trapeze school gives you a real taste of what its like to be a circus performer. Spread out all over Australia, these aerial classes appeal to all different skill levels and abilities. Solo trapeze lessons, partner lessons, children’s trapeze (perfectly suited for anyone 6 years and up!)—it’s all available for you and your daredevil loved ones!

Your Day as a Trapeze Artist

Upon arriving at your afternoon trapeze class, you’ll be paired with a seasoned acrobat who will break down all the big aerial moves for you. Begin by getting to know your equipment and the important safety precautions.

Next, you’ll be set up at the low practice trapeze bar, where you’ll get acquainted with central positions. When you’re ready to level up, strap on your safety harness and get high up for your first swing!

Practice a few of the big maneuvers. Your trapeze instructor won’t give you anything you can’t handle—remember, these trapeze lessons are tailor-made for all ages! Before you know it, you’ll be confident and comfortable and ready to release. Swing, let yourself go, hold your breath and feel a remarkable sense of accomplishment as your partner catches you mid-air!    

Trapeze Lessons for Everyone

These fantastic workouts are available at both indoor and outdoor facilities. Equipment is always a cut above and a safety-first approach to all lessons means you can focus on the tricky moves instead of your own wellbeing. There are no other acrobatics classes as exhilarating as a trapeze lesson. Book your aerial experience now and see if you’ve got what it takes to be the main attraction!