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V8 Experiences

Driving one of our V8 Race Cars is the closest thing in Australia to driving a V8 Supercar and is sure to raise your pulse. This is your chance to strap into the driver’s seat of a V8 Race Car and feel for yourself what it's like to drive and be in control of some serious horsepower. We offer a range of V8 Supercar themed experiences on Australia's best-known race tracks. Book Now & You Save!
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V8 Supercar Themed Experiences

All of these V8 Race Car experiences include training by expert instructors who relate their experience of driving a V8 Race Car. Learn driving techniques on cornering, apexes and exiting, efficient braking and acceleration, steering, gear changes and general car control. Let your love for V8 Supercars drive you to the ultimate Adrenaline rush – book your V8 Race Experience now!

Some of these V8 Race Car adventures finish with a hot lap. This is your chance to ride in the passenger's seat while the instructor takes you on hot laps of the race track, showing you the race skills they have mastered over many years of driving.

Know a V8 Supercar fan? Book a V8 experience today or buy a V8 racing gift voucher for a friend.

Superb acceleration. Rip-roaring speed and control like you've never felt before. These are definitely not the cars you drive every day! Engines with 450hp will take you on roads you thought you knew, on surfaces you've always considered ordinary. We're sure you'll never look at asphalt or dirt the same way again. Experience the thrill of a full sized racetrack or the rush of an off-road dirt circuit. Our experienced instructors will make sure you get the skills, knowledge and adventure of a lifetime.

Drive a V8 Race Car

An official V8 Supercars partner, Adrenaline has many V8 Race Car experiences around Australia. You can either choose to Drive a V8 Race Car on various racetracks or take a Ride in a V8 Race Car with passenger hot laps. These V8 Race Car Drives and V8 Race Car Hot Lap Rides will not be forgotten and gift vouchers are available for all these V8 experiences and adventures.

If you’re a V8 Supercar fan who has always wanted to drive a V8 Race Car around a real racetrack then this is for you!

Your motorsport adventure begins at the racetrack with a briefing conducted by experienced instructors. The briefing will cover techniques on cornering, apexes and exiting, efficient braking and acceleration, steering, gear changes and general car control. Safety and track awareness will also be discussed. Feel free to ask questions so that you feel comfortable getting in the V8 Race Car and putting theory into practice.

With the briefing and preparation completed, it's time for you to drive. During your V8 driving session, an instructor will be buckled into the passenger seat watching you drive and giving you feedback and encouragement. This ensures that you learn the correct techniques and drive safely. The first “warm-up lap” allows you to familiarise yourself with the car and track, your confidence will grow and warm-ups will improve as you learn how to gain more control and speed. Then there will be no stopping you!

Passenger Hot Laps - Ride In A V8 Race Car. The V8 Race Car Hotlaps have come about as a result of repeated requests from the public to feel for themselves the exhilaration of the raw V8 horsepower they watch on television or at the V8 Supercars track. The noise, the acceleration, the braking, the grip on cornering are things that can only be fully appreciated from within a V8 Race Car.

With an experienced V8 Race Car driver at the wheel and you secured in the passenger side race seat by an engineer designed 4-point harness, you will be introduced to the world of motor racing.

Riding in a V8 Race Car with an experienced race car driver was once a privilege reserved only for corporate sponsors, competition winners or race car crew. But now, that thrill can be experienced by all fans of V8 Supercars.

V8 Race Experience

The heat of the asphalt and the smoke of the tyres will cloud your senses like nothing ever has before; and that's just when one of our professional drivers is giving you top notch tips with acceleration, brake control and steering before you take your turn in some of the most powerful 450hp V8 Race Cars available in the race circuit today. After you test your skills with supercar 6-pot brakes and a Bilstein suspension, get ready for a few laps of mind-blowing intensity as your professional driver once again takes the wheel to show you how to really throw down.

Race Car Driving Adventures

See the smoke, smell the tyre burn. It's a sensory overload you won't be able to get enough of. At Adrenaline, you're in your own little slice of heaven. As an official V8 Supercars partner, we've got big engines, adrenaline pumping asphalt and Let's Get Dirty dirt courses. Not to mention of course, the professional instructors who will show you how to expertly and safely take V8 Race Cars to their top speeds before these pros throw down the gauntlet and give you a taste of real life competition.

Book a V8 Race Car racing experience today. Or buy a V8 Race Car racing gift voucher for a friend.


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