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Wakeboarding Sydney – Water Skiing Sydney

It's easy to prepare for an afternoon of wakeboarding or water skiing—just bring your swimmers, a towel, and don't forget sunscreen! Waterski activities run year-round, so in the colder months, you'll definitely want a wetsuit. And don't come alone; round up your mates and make an outing of it!

Learn to Wakeboard

Benefit from small-group instruction as you learn the fundamentals of wakeboarding. Instruction is tailored to both total newbies and those with some wakeboarding or water skiing already under their belt. All that's necessary is a basic swimming ability and the willingness to learn. If you're new to the sport, you'll soon find out that pulling yourself to your feet is only half the battle! But thanks to the experienced wakeboarding coaches (and probably the lessons learned through a few epic wipeouts) you'll soon be skimming the water's surface like a pro. Just hang on tight!

Beyond Wakeboarding

If you can think of a way to ride a wake, someone has probably done it! To experience something a little different out on the water, you can go in for one of the many alternatives to water skiing and wakeboarding. For instance, to keep your center of gravity a little lower, try kneeboarding or tubing. These are especially popular with kids or anyone having trouble staying up on the wakeboard or skis. Or if you're after more of a challenge, check out wake surfing! You start off on a board similar to a wakeboard, being towed behind a boat to gain speed. Then you drop the rope and surf the extra-high wake on your own.

Whatever iteration you choose, you're guaranteed to have an amazing time on your afternoon of wakeboarding or waterskiing. The feeling of cutting across the sparkling water at breakneck speeds, the wind in your hair and the spray all around you, is pure day-at-the-beach joy. You've just got to try it for yourself!