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Zoo and Wildlife

Werribee Open Range Zoo Off Road Safari

In Melbourne, set off on a 4x4 tour you’ll never forget! At Werribee, it will feel as though you’re travelling the African plains. It’s all off road and the creatures couldn’t be livelier! Safari highlights include gorillas, prowling lions and cheetahs, towering giraffes (who aren’t shy at all!), zebras and—often a favourite among the little ones—frolicking meerkats getting into all sorts of mischief!

Featherdale Wildlife Park Admission 

If you’d rather stretch your legs, Sydney’s Featherdale Wildlife Park is the perfect place for a stroll. More than 230 different species occupy these grounds. There’s everything from hungry kangaroos that the kids can feed to ospreys, penguins and strikingly colourful parrots that say hello. Indeed, the more revered predators are all here, too. Pythons, salt water crocodiles and many venomous reptiles eye you from a distance, contemplating their next meal...

Seal Encounter – Sunshine Coast

There’s a seal sanctuary where you’ll meet—and touch—a live sea lion’s fur and whiskers! Learn how the endangered Australian sea lions are rescued and cared for. Watch them feed. Discover how they develop their keen hunting skills. The experience concludes with a live seal interaction! These animals are incredibly smart and extremely sociable. Getting to actually touch and communicate with one of them is a near-spiritual experience that you’ll never forget. The Australian sea lion’s numbers are at an all-time low. Seal encounter experiences like these spread awareness. They’re humane, highly informative and contribute to the animal’s chances for survival. Find out what you can do to help!

Theme Park Passes and Theme Park Deals

If you want to add a slew of other thrilling activities to your zoo adventure, purchase packaged theme park passes from Adrenaline! We’ve got theme park packages that give you unlimited access to more than 10 attractions throughout Australia and New Zealand! After a zoo adventure, go ziplining, head to Legoland, travel to the lookout of the nation’s tallest skyscraper! There’s enough here to keep you busy all year long!


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