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Whether you’re a first-time visitor, or one of the many who come back again and again, there’s always new and exciting New Zealand activities and experiences to try. If you’re looking for fun things to do you’re in the right place, as our range offers epic thrills and unique moments that make New Zealand a paradise for those who love adventure.

No matter how long you plan to stay, with so many attractions and activities on offer, it’s well worth doing some research and booking experiences in advance of your arrival. We can’t possibly cover every must-do New Zealand attraction, but hopefully we can inspire you to make every moment count by pointing you in the direction of some of the exciting, memorable experiences we offer.

Things to do in New Zealand North Island

Visitors will find plenty of things to do in New Zealand’s North Island (also known as Te Ika-a-M?ui). The smaller but more populous of the country’s two islands has a little something for everyone. Take a look at what’s on offer.


North Island is home to the country’s largest city, Auckland. And, when international tourism is permitted, the city’s Auckland International Airport is a popular first point of arrival in NZ for travellers from Australia and around the world. Around 1.6 million people call this city home. Not only is Auckland blessed with great culture, numerous places to eat and drink and plenty of the kind of attractions and things to do you expect from a major city, but it also offers the stunning natural beauty of the greater Auckland region.

Auckland is famously a city on the water and is sometimes called the ‘City of Sails’, so it’s only natural that some of its most exciting experiences are based around its two harbours.

One of the most unique experiences in Auckland has to be the opportunity to step aboard a real America’s Cup yacht for a hands-on sailing trip like no other from Auckland Harbour. The world’s oldest and most prestigious yacht trophy isn’t typically something most of us can get involved with, but taking part in your own sailing adventure is the next best thing.

These huge yachts are real head turners, and with an America’s Cup sailing experience you’ll be encouraged to take the helm, wind the grinders and get involved in helping the vessel reach full pelt. Want to take things up a notch? Feel the thrill and challenge yourself to an America’s Cup match racing experience.  

No previous sailing experience is necessary as the experts on board will show you the ropes. Of course, you’re also welcome to just sit back and enjoy the ride if you prefer.

Another of Auckland’s incredible outdoor activities is kayaking. One experience you’re unlikely to forget in a hurry is a kayak tour to Rangitoto Island with a hike on arrival. You’ll paddle across Auckland Harbour from Okahu Bay to the island, hike to the summit of a dormant volcano and return to Auckland paddling under the stars. You’ll be kitted out with your kayak, paddle, lifevest etc on arrival and an expert guide will lead the way. This kayaking and hiking day trip is an awesome way to take in some of the gorgeous local scenery and get active while doing it.


Wondering what the best things to do in Rotorua, New Zealand are? This is a town famous for its Maori culture, natural hot springs and the lake from which it takes its name. It’s also a great place for adventure lovers, whether that’s as part of a family, a group of friends, a couple or even as a solo traveller.

Call us biased, but we reckon no Rotorua itinerary would be complete without getting out on at least one adrenaline-pumping, thrillseeking experience. You can take your pick from a range of daring adventures right here at Adrenaline.

Of all the things to do in North Island, New Zealand, ticking bungee jumping off your bucket list is up there with the very best. After all, the modern phenomenon of bungee jumps started in NZ back in the 1980s, so it’s the perfect spot to face your fear and take a leap. For some people bungee jumping is a great way of overcoming fear, but for others it’s simply a great way of feeling the unique adrenaline-rush that comes with freefalling toward the ground. Whatever your reason, over the years this has become a must-try activity for many New Zealand visitors. Do you dare to bungee jump in Rotorua?

Get ready for blast off! Jet boating has a long history in New Zealand and these experiences don’t get much more exciting than our Rotorua jet boat rides. Hop in and hold on tight as you can expect to reach speeds of up to 100kph in just 4.5 seconds. Your pro driver will throw in plenty of high-speed twists and turns, as well as the famous 360-degree spin as you speed around the purpose-built water course. Jet boat rides are suitable for almost all ages, making it one of the many great things to do with kids in this beautiful part of the world. This is one boat tour you’ll want to do again and again!

There aren’t many activities that can match the exhilaration of white-water rafting. Keen to give it a go? Then be sure to add it to your Rotorua itinerary, as just 20 minutes away from the town is the Kaituna River. This breathtaking spot, in a peaceful valley, boasts three waterfalls along the route, including the world’s biggest commercially rafted waterfall. There’s also plenty of other exciting twists and turns along the way on our Kaituna River white water rafting adventure, so it’s sure to scratch the thrillseeking itch of both first timers and rafting enthusiasts.

Up for a unique outdoor activity? Then give sledging (aka hydrospeed or hydrospeeding) a go and take on a grade 3 section of the Kaituna River. Resting your chest on a board you’ll steer your way down river, taking in the views and feeling the thrill as do it. With comprehensive land-based training given by the expert guides it’s an experience that’s suitable for complete beginners. You’ll also be provided with a life jacket, padded wetsuit, helmet, booties and fins for your comfort and safety.

Things to do in New Zealand South Island

New Zealand’s South Island offers breathtaking scenery, charming towns and a huge range of fun things to do. It’s home to remarkable natural landscapes like Milford Sound and Fox Glacier, as well as the world-leading adventure sport capital of Queenstown.


Queenstown is a real must-visit spot on NZ South Island. The popular resort town sits alongside the stunning Lake Wakatipu and is overlooked by the enormous Southern Alps. It also offers plenty of accommodation, restaurants and retail options, making it an enjoyable base for adventure seekers and more relaxed holidaymakers too.

We’re here to bring you fun things to do in Queenstown and if you enjoy skiing, we’ve got a couple of truly bucket list ski experiences for you.

The Southern Alps are the stuff of dreams for skiiers and our heli-skiing packages are sure to make it the best trip ever, giving you the ultimate in freedom and exhilaration. Our Queenstown heli-ski experiences aren’t just for expert skiiers and board riders, there are options suitable for a range of abilities.

Just tell the experience provider what level you’re at and they’ll put together a day to suit, whether that’s gentle rolling powder bowls or challenging steep chutes. You’ll benefit  from transfers between accommodation and helipad, use of safety equipment and a gourmet lunch. Not to mention, some world class skiing.

Want a truly unforgettable and unique ski adventure? Go for our heli-skiing private charter helicopter. This totally personalised helicopter and ski adventure will be tailored to your needs, offering incredible views of Queenstown, the Southern Alps and beyond and the best skiing New Zealand has to offer.