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Extreme 4x4

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What is it like to go 4x4 driving?

You’ll literally be climbing the walls on board these monster 4wd vehicles. The intense tyre pressure of these customised machines is made for high-powered grip and adrenaline-charged excitement. Don’t be surprised if you take a turn — not for the worse, of course — but for the benefit of your exhilaration levels.

There are packages offered online at Adrenaline for competition drives and introductory drive-and-ride experiences at customised venues throughout Australia.  An added extra of this already budget-priced action on four fat wheels is the temptation of half-price Fridays on all packages. How’s that for priceless driving skills, thrills and spills at a cost to floor you?

Is 4x4 safe?

The experience of 4wd driving is as safe as it is adrenaline-fuelled. Built to competition standard, powered by 350 Chevrolet V8 engines and featuring 44-inch tyres, these customised demon machines are made to cushion any blow you can dish up.

Professional tuition for all 4x4 events is world class and strict adherence to safety measures is a prerequisite.

Reckless rev-heads displaying unruly behaviour that could endanger the safety of instructor, passenger and driver will be unceremoniously removed from the experience without receiving a refund. 

Who would a 4x4 voucher be perfect for?

Daredevils behind the wheel, on or off the road, would thrill to the rough and tumble of controlling these $100,000 ready-to-roll custom machines.

Best buddies, dads and sons, even mothers and daughters with a penchant for taking 4wd driving to extremes, would be in high-rev mode with a 4x4 voucher from Adrenaline.

All gift vouchers are valid for three years and can be used to purchase 4x4 driving or any of the 2500-plus land, air and water-based experiences on offer at Adrenaline.

Could I go 4x4 driving with my boyfriend?

Budding stunt doubles can team up in a range of Extreme 4x4 driving packages that include the bonus offer of 25 per cent extra track length and a complimentary spectator ride.

An additional passenger is invited to sit in on the bumper excitement for the regulation two driving sessions on different courses per package. Simply book your Extreme 4x4 experience at Adrenaline and you’ll instantly double up on the quadruple traction action.

What do I need to know and bring for the experience of 4x4 driving?

In all cases, you must be able to drive an automatic-transmission vehicle to take part in an Extreme 4x4 experience. Passengers must also be aged eight years and above.

Qualifications vary between L-plate and P-plate drivers, depending on the type of 4x4 activity purchased, and proof of your licence must be presented upon registration. Don’t forget to also provide your Adrenaline confirmation.

There are weight restrictions for 4wd driving, capped at 140kg.

You should wear lightweight, comfortable clothing and enclosed footwear to your scheduled event. Gear designed to keep your cool is highly recommended.

Bring a spirit for V8 engine-powered fun and all your friends to cheer you on and capture your big-wheeled largesse in photos.