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Things to do in Melbourne

Looking for Things to Do in Melbourne? You can end your search at Adrenaline – the home of Serious Fun. We have over 2,500 experiences across Australia, and hundreds of them take place in and around Melbourne. Whether you're chasing mind-blowing thrills or planning a relaxing escape from your everyday routine, we've got an experience just for you. Book Now & You Save!
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Thought that you've done everything there is to do in Melbourne? If you mean checking out the latest pubs and clubs, then maybe you have. If you’re talking about something a little more interesting, a little more daring, then we have a ton of experiences we’re sure you’ve never had!

And once you've discovered the world of Adrenaline, you’ll never again be short of things to do in Melbourne.

Have you ever seen a 4x4 truck? Probably not quite like ours! We’ll have you literally climbing the walls and then begging for more.

If you’ve ever seen a tank, you know they’re big. But did you ever think you’d get the chance to be in one? We won't just have you sit in a tank, like an exhibit. We'll take it further than that, putting you out on real tank tracks and giving you a real taste of what it’s like to manoeuvre a huge military vehicle.

If you’ve ever wanted to know just what it feels like when a car is going full speed on only two wheels, or how the air feels when you fly across a ramp, then our Stunt Driving experience is perfect for you.

You'll also experience the majestic beauty of the ocean while Swimming with Dolphins, defy the water in one of our powerful Jet Boat Rides, or battle crashing waves in an action packed White Water Canoeing adventure.

Some of the best things to in Melbourne don't even take place on the water or on solid ground. We'll take you up in the air on a glorious Hot Air Balloon Ride where you’ll be able to see Melbourne like you've never seen it before. Or, if you prefer, we'll throw you out of a plane at 14,000 feet so you can feel the rush that comes with a Tandem Skydive.

These are among the many things to do in Melbourne that you can book through Adrenaline – the home of Serious Fun. So why wait? Book Now and Save!

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