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Learn Kiteboarding

These kitesurfing lessons cater well to individuals or groups, so if your mates are up for a challenge, make sure to bring them along! Starting from two hours, these kiteboarding lessons cover all the essentials and don’t waste time to get you out on the water. You’ll learn how to launch your kite, understand your flying area and get a feel for how pushing and pulling the kite bar affects thrust. Next, strap on to your kiteboard—it’s time to learn the manoeuvres: riding toe side, carving turns, popping and (if you think you’ve got what it takes) frontside 180s!

If you want to take it a step further and get the real pro treatment, Brisbane’s one-one-one kitesurfing lesson spans a full six hours. All the attention is on you so if you really want to up your technical game, check this kiteboarding experience out!

And if one lesson doesn’t cut it, why not three? A lesson package at a comprehensive kiteboarding school is available in Perth.

Kitesurfing in Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast and Perth

In Brisbane, Sandgate is a paradise for kite surfers. The winds moving through this coastal suburb attract high-flying water-sport enthusiasts from all over! Equally amazing kitesurfing experiences are available to you at the Sunshine Coast. Here, different types of water cater to different skill levels. Ride the big waves or get comfortable on flat water before taking it to the next level.

And then, of course, there’s Perth. Here, you’ll find the stunning coastal town of Rockingham where a full 12 hours of kiteboarding is available to you for an incredible deal. Split up into three lessons, these personalized kiteboarding courses are designed for anyone from first-timers to kitesurfing lovers wanting to step up their game. Ready for jumps and air transitions? Now’s your time to shine!