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Bridge Climb & Landmark Tours

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Landmark Adventures

There are plenty of great ways to see and explore Australia’s largest cities, but what if you could discover some of their top landmarks in an incredible new way? With Adrenaline, you’ll find a great range of unforgettable landmark tours, allowing you to head behind the scenes, access areas not normally open to the public and enjoy a unique introduction to some of the country’s most iconic attractions. From bridge climbing and stadium tours to breathtaking observation deck walks, your next adventure is calling!

What are the unique things to do in Australia?

While you’ll certainly find no shortage of memorable activities to take part in across Australia, nothing quite compares to a unique adventure. Step out of the ordinary and your comfort zone to experience some of the country’s more unusual outings, including bridge climbs, stadium tours and more.

Book a scenic bridge climbing adventure if you want to see your favourite Australian city in a new light. In Brisbane, you’ll have the chance to scale the city’s iconic Story Bridge during the daytime, twilight, or after dark. Soak up spectacular 360-degree views of the city and beyond, spot local landmarks or simply enjoy the thrill of the climb. An excellent outing for visitors and locals alike, the bridge climb is among the top things to do in Brisbane.

Whether you’re a sports fan, an architecture enthusiast or simply someone looking for a unique thrill, a stadium tour is just the ticket! Head behind the scenes and venture through some of the country’s hallowed sporting grounds on a guided tour, learning about the history of the venues and the fantastic sporting feats achieved within the stadium’s walls. If you’d rather up the adventure level, book an exciting rooftop stadium tour. Slip on a harness and see major stadiums from a fresh new perspective while soaking up some wonderful views of the surrounding area. Opt for a daytime tour or take part in a night climb to see the city illuminated after dark.

Observation decks offer unrivalled views of some of Australia’s largest cities. Book a visit and enjoy panoramic views from a bird’s eye perspective. Spot famous landmarks and natural attractions, or take some time out to watch as the city’s residents go about their day below. If you want to get the adrenaline pumping, an observation deck walk might be just your style. Attached to a harness, you’ll head outside and feel the rush of walking high above street level.

What are the best stadium tours in Australia?

If you’re looking for stadium tours in Australia, you’re sure to be spoilt for choice. With so many great options to choose from, some of the best tours of the country’s top sporting and entertainment venues include:

  • The Optus Stadium Tour in Perth. This 90-minute tour is not only budget-friendly but also takes you to areas of the stadium not typically seen by the general public.
  • The Adelaide Oval Roof Climb in Adelaide. Available during the day, night and twilight, this stadium tour offers a unique opportunity to see the stadium from a brand new angle.
  • The Optus Stadium VERTIGO Rooftop Adventure in Perth. This exhilarating rooftop tour challenges you to step outside your comfort zone while enjoying great views of the city.

How much do Australia's top landmark tours cost?

The cost of Australia’s top landmark tours varies between locations and depends on what’s included. A visit to an observation deck or a standard stadium tour sits at the lower end of the scale, starting at around $28, while bridge climbing and stadium rooftop tours are typically more than $100. Whatever your budget and interests, with Adrenaline, you’re sure to find an adventure you’ll remember for years to come.