Gifts Under $100

Gifts Under $100

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Finding gifts for $100 or less should be a completely reasonable and generous budget to find something they’ll love, but what should you buy? An experience is worth far more than the cost price, which is why gifting with us at Adrenaline is a great way to get more value for money from your gifts. Give someone the opportunity to enjoy themselves and try something new with our huge range of exciting experiences across Australia. It’s a better way to spend your money than on more ‘stuff’ that will probably go in the present junk pile anyway. 

To help you out with gift ideas under $100 we’ve put together this guide of our most popular experiences in that budget range. 

Jet Boating: Treat someone to a thrilling jet boat ride around one of our picturesque Australian waterways. It’s a completely exhilarating experience and a bit of pure fun that they might not otherwise have done.  

Surfing Lessons: Surfing is one of Australia’s favourite national pastimes for a reason. It’s an epic activity to do whether you’re a beginner or a pro, and we have some of the best surf breaks in the whole world right in our backyard. For under $100 we have plenty of surf lesson experiences at Adrenaline that make great gifts.  

Escape Rooms: If you’ve never tried an escape room, you are definitely missing out, and if you have, you’ll know that it’s an epic experience that you would be stoked to receive as a gift. Give someone the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in the puzzles, problem solving, and narrative of an escape room. 

Kayaking Tours: We have heaps of kayaking experiences that can take you paddling through cities, oceans and around pristine beach locations across Australia. Kayaking is a super easy activity to pick up and a fun opportunity to get active and out on the water, so it’s a great gift idea for any water-lovers you know. 

Segway ToursSegways might seem like a mere novelty scooter, but gliding effortlessly while riding one is an experience everyone should tick off their bucket list. Whether it’s a Segway tour through city, beach, bush or vineyards, there are plenty of choices for great gift ideas at Adrenaline. 

If you’re looking to spend $100 or less, you’ll actually find heaps of cool experiences at Adrenaline that cater to the lower end of that budget spectrum too. 

Cruises: We have cruises around some of the most beautiful Australian coastal spots and cities that make for an exciting day out. Who doesn’t love a cruise?  

Paintball: A game of paintball is an awesome opportunity to indulge your inner action hero and bond with mates over a bit of healthy (but fierce) competition. Paintballing is a great gift option that suits a range of age groups, and we have affordable packages to some of Australia’s best paintball courses at Adrenaline. 

Tours: You'll find a huge variety of tours  at Adrenaline, so choose one you think someone would enjoy, or let them choose for themselves with an Adrenaline gift card or gift voucher.  

Flying Fox and Treetop Adventures: The playground of obstacles in the treetops and epic flying foxes are a fun adventure for any kids, teens or families that you’re shopping for.  

Aquariums, Zoos and Wildlife Experiences: A day out exploring one of the many wildlife sanctuaries, zoos or aquariums that we have in Australia is a day well spent. Between up close animal encounters and the opportunity to hang out with friends or family, this is a great Christmas gift idea.  

Attractions: There are amazing attractions to experience in every corner of Australia, and you’ll find access to many of them right here at Adrenaline. We have everything from the Melbourne Star Observation Wheel to the Gold Coast Aqua Park, so there’s something to suit everyone you’re shopping for. 

That’s just a few options from our huge range of experiences across Australia, so browse our site or give one of our gift cardand vouchers to get your gifting done easily. 

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