White Water Rafting

White Water Rafting

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Adrenaline provides expert knowledge and, as such, your experienced rafting guide will impart all the tuition and vital ins and outs for you to gain the most from your day spent dominating the river, regardless of difficulty levels. Master its ebb and flow with a full safety briefing, including paddling techniques, what to do if you fall out of your raft and how to make the ultimate splash against other teams in the white-water rafting battleground.

Even though Adrenaline takes this rugged adventure activity very seriously, all packages and experiences, from half-day trips to a 10-day rafting expedition, are designed for maximum fun and the ultimate white-water wow factor. 

Where is the best place for white water rafting?

From the gushing tropical rivers in Cairns, the glitter strip of the Gold Coast, to the coastal beauty of Coffs Harbour, mesmerising Sydney Harbour and its innumerable inlets, Adrenaline provides the perfect place for rafting tours and trips at the best prices. 

  • Cairns White Water Rafting - We have a range of white water rafting in Cairns from kid-friendly and river tubing to the White Water Rafting extreme Tully River One Day Tour in Cairns has been custom made for the more experienced rafter. This unforgettable rafting adventure accepts only small groups for quicker travel and further reach. You and your team will traverse 12km, entailing taking on 44 rapids in fast action, along the stretches of the Tully River. As you ride the rapids, you will also encounter World Heritage-listed rainforest and waterfalls that cascade down the spectacular gorge walls. The Tully River is rated moderate to challenging, providing grades three and four levels for white-water rafters. Your trained guides will impart all the tuition you need to make the most of your five hours of high adventure on the rapids. Adrenaline also offers full-day tours in Cairns that include ATV and White Water Rafting. This action-packed experience involves riding through the dirt tracks and creek crossings of the rainforest on your quad bike. You will be at one with nature at its breathtaking best before surfing the waves and drops, with a dynamic white-water-rafting adventure through the Barron Gorge.
  • White Water Rafting Sydney - The White Water Kayaking, Full Day trip at Barrington River in Gloucester, NSW, is a popular spot for adventure and scenic splendour. Even the most inexperienced paddlers can enjoy a full day of fun on the water. This package includes all equipment, an experienced instructor on hand to show you the ropes and guide you every step of the way. The day trip comes complete with a gourmet lunch and afternoon tea. Not only resplendent in natural beauty, but the Barrington River is also renowned for its challenging twists and turns in the rapids.  Just let your guide know how far you want to take this experience and they will show you the way. We also offer an awesome White Water Rafting Day Trip on the Upper Nymbodia River where you’ll feel the surging power of grade 3-5 rapids and soak up the views of the lush rainforest landscapes along the way.
  • White Water Rafting Melbourne - Adrenaline offers lots of White Water Rafting near Melbourne on the famous Yarra River. The Yarra meanders through bush land of the Yarra Valley. During the trip there is the possibility of seeing a range of Australian wildlife on the river banks from kangaroos, wallabies, echidnas and koalas to the occasional platypus and eel. These adventures range from full day trips, half day, or even a couple of hours. We also offer some awesome white water rafting and caving or abseiling combos for adults and a kids version of the abseiling combo as well. 
  • White Water Rafting Victoria - Aside from the Yarra River, we also offer white water rafting on the Mitta Mitta River near Dartmouth and Omeo in Victoria. The Mitta Mitta River surges from the mountains of north eastern Victoria through magnificent Alpine Gorges to the picturesque Omeo Valley. As the Mitta Mitta boasts one of the highest ‘put-ins’ in Australia at 680m in elevation, the continuous grade 2-4 rapids make for a wild descent off the Great Divide.

How safe is white water rafting?

White-water rafting is an extremely physical water sport and there is potential for the raft to flip. But the highly trained guides at Adrenaline will have the team back in the boat, and high and dry, in no time. Not all rafting experiences offered are of the white-knuckle variety. Adrenaline provides a range of packages for mellower conditions amid the most tranquil scenery.

You should simply feel free to go with flow. Your rafting guide provides full safety briefings prior to every white-water rafting tour with Adrenaline, so that even if there are occasional spills, you’ll be back in paddling action before you know it. 

White water rapids are graded in ascending order from one to five, in terms of the implicit challenges for rafting teams. A grade five rapid is the most advanced ranking for a commercial rafting group.

What are the dos and don'ts of white water rafting?

The most important to do on this list is to listen to your guide at all times. He or she is professionally trained, with years of invaluable rafting experience. When they give the command to paddle, you should follow suit, unless your aim is for an unexpected dip in the water!

Prior to your white-water rafting adventure, it is also critical that you’re aware of what you’re getting yourself into, and this does not mean deep water. Rafting trips provided by Adrenaline are geared towards all experience levels, so it’s important that you choose the right rafting adventure for you and your group. Equally crucial on the don’t list is to not let go of the top section of the paddle grip, which is called the T Grip. This is especially important when you are approaching a rapid because if one of the team lets go of the T Grip, it could end up in the face of another team member, which can cause serious injury.

The best all-round advice for white-water rafters is not to panic. Your expert guide will provide a full briefing of what to do, should you fall into the river.

Listen carefully to their instructions and in the event that you do land in the water, look to your Adrenaline guide as they guide you calmly and safely back into the raft and successfully completing your exhilarating adventure.