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F1-Style Driving Experiences

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What is Formula 1?

Formula 1 is one of the world’s most popular motorsports. As fans of the sport will be well aware, drivers and race teams take part in a series of races at locations across the globe. In 2019, there were 10 race teams with two drivers each, meaning a total of 20 F1 drivers and cars. Unlike other motorsports, each driver is strapped into a single-seat, open-wheel, open cockpit race car for each, action-packed race (known as a Grand Prix). 

Formula One tracks vary in length, but no matter where in the world they’re taking place, races last the necessary number of laps around each track to reach 305 kilometres. At Australia’s Melbourne Grand Prix this is 58 laps. 

At the end of each race, points are given out to teams and drivers depending on where they finish in the race. At the end of the season the driver (or team, for the constructors’ title) with the most points wins the championship.  

The sport has a rich history, with origins in the 1920s and 1930s Grand Prix motor racing, before the first world championship race was held at Silverstone, UK in 1950. 

Can anyone drive a Formula 1 car?

Formula 1 cars are not exactly your everyday vehicle, so you might think only professional racing drivers can experience driving them. After all, real Formula 1 cars, such as those battling it out for the likes of Ferrari and McLaren, are the fastest regulated road-course racing cars around. 

But, you don’t need to be on the track challenging Lewis Hamilton and other pros to experience an adrenaline-pumping F1-style experience. Take a look at our range and you’ll see a number of options to bring your racing dreams to life. 

What does Formula 1 racing feel like?

Nervous anticipation. Breathtaking speed. Heart-pounding manoeuvring. A joyous sense of achievement. Do you dare strap into the race car? We promise the rollercoaster of emotions is all worth it when you’re tackling corners and pushing speed to new levels on the straight. You’ll find your thoughts drifting back to the fun you had on the track for a long time afterwards. 

Where can you experience F1-style driving?

We have a huge selection of driving experiences, including those offering the open-cockpit style racing of Formula 1. Perth, Adelaide and Wodonga, Victoria are popular locations for people looking to sample a F1-style experience. Check our range for Formula Ford and Formula Toyota driving and hot laps. 

Where to book a F1-style experience?

Formula 1 races usually take place on a Sunday afternoon, but there are no such limitations in place for your exhilarating ride. Browse the range here at Adrenaline to find your perfect F1-style experience, whether that’s being firmly in the driver’s seat and in control or sitting back and letting a professional do the work. 

Select a time and date that suits you, or buy as a drive day gift experience for the motorsport lover in your life. 

How much does it cost to book an F1-style experience?

As you’d expect, F1-style experiences vary in cost depending on inclusions. Typically, the more laps of the track you do, the higher the price. You may be pleasantly surprised to find that the thrill of hot laps can be enjoyed for around $199, and laps at the wheel for as little as $299. Check out our range here at Adrenaline for all the latest prices and deals, and book with confidence thanks to our Lowest Price Guarantee.