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Things to do in Brisbane

Looking for Things to Do in Brisbane? We have over 100 experiences to keep you busy, each as awesome as the last. If it's something worth doing, you'll find it at Adrenaline – the home of Serious Fun. Book Now & You Save!
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Are you the adventurous sort? Are you looking for your next thrill, your next challenge, your next story to brag about to your mates? Or are you the laid back type, who prefers to keep your feet close to the ground?

Whatever your fancy, we’ve got things to do in Brisbane that will suit you perfectly.

You might be climbing the walls of your office out of boredom, but we’ll have you climbing rock walls in pure excitement and pushing yourself beyond the limits you thought you had. You can even climb the Story Bridge, taking part in a glorious experience whether done at sunrise, sunset or any time in between. Either adventure will give you a gorgeous view of Brisbane that most have never seen.

If you’re ready to take to the water, the roads, or even the sky in a less than typical fashion, Adrenalin has choices that will go beyond your expectations.

Experience the incredible thrill of discovery through our Open Water Diver Course.

Unleash your inner revhead on a Rally Driving experience, throwing a pro-grade vehicle in gears you'd never dare try on a typical day in Brisbane.

Dive through the air and hurtle towards the ground during a Tandem Skydive, spending every second absolutely thrilled!

Or, if you want to wind down and experience some of the finer things to do in Brisbane, you can try our interactive and informative Barista experience or enjoy a soothing and pleasurable massage for yourself or with a partner.

With Adrenaline, you'll never run out of things to do in Brisbane. Book Now & Save!

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