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Australia’s Best Paintball Adventures

Paintball Brisbane, paintball Melbourne, paintball Sydney, paintball Perth—we’ve assembled the cream of the crop when it comes to high-strategy shootouts and skirmishing.

Paintball isn’t just about running, ducking, covering and firing. A great paintball adventure should be an escape—a total immersion into a high-impact world of cunning, courage and strategy. Theming sets apart good paintball from great paintball. And these experiences feature highly detailed courses with impeccably crafted paintball gameplay!  

From Wild West shootouts to the intense military planning involved in a Black Hawk Down mission, these paintball games reward smart strategy. Playing paintball at these 5-star facilities is like playing a high-octane game of chess, where every move matters. Movie-themed missions also abound with games inspired by Tomb Raider, Resident Evil and even some Zombie invasion scenarios!

Group Outings

In paintball, a successful mission can only be achieved through teamwork, which is what makes the thrilling sport such a wonderful bonding activity. Leadership, communication, team development—if these are qualities you want to foster with employees, family or friends, a group paintball adventure is just what you need!

Many of these adventures can host large groups, which makes them the perfect destination for corporate teambuilding outings and big celebrations such as birthdays or bachelor parties. No other extreme sport breaks down barriers and forges bonds like paintball. Full day actives are available all over Australia. Explore our hand-picked favourites and discover which one best suits your group!

First-in-Class Paintball Equipment

These top-notch facilities gear you up with the best of the best. Rapid-fire semi-automatic paintball guns are precise and never jam. They’re the most recent models on the market. Paintball sharpshooters will also appreciate the US-spec anti-fog helmets available at many of these facilities as well as battle-ready body armour that won’t restrict mobility.

Don’t settle for second-rate. With our paintball experiences, you and your mates are treated to the most thrilling, detailed, strategic game of paintball possible. Book your shootout today!