Things to do on Rottnest Island

Things to do on Rottnest Island

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Best things to do on Rottnest Island 

Whether you’re a Perth and Fremantle local or travelling from interstate or overseas, a trip to Rottnest Island is a real must do in Western Australia. This breathtaking island is just a short ferry journey of around 25 minutes from Fremantle or 45 minutes from Perth’s Hillarys Boat Harbour.  

We’ve got an exciting range of things to do on Rottnest Island, from saying hello to the famous quokkas to exhilarating adrenaline-rush adventures across land, sea and air.  

Rottnest Island ferry and cruises  

Whether you’re planning a Rottnest Island daytrip or a longer stay, part of the fun is getting there. Take a ride on the Rottnest Island ferry from Perth or Fremantle, hop on a cruise or go for a sailing adventure.  


For an active Rottnest Island island activity kayaking is hard to beat. A glass bottom kayak tour gives you the added benefit of incredible views of marine life as you paddle around protected bay areas of this tropical paradise.  


Prepare for a rush like no other as you take a leap from 15,000ft or 10,000ft. Skydiving over Rottnest Island is an adventure you’ll never forget, with epic views of the Western Australia landscape below as you come back down to earth. Return Rottnest Island ferry transfers included!  

Scenic flight 

Take off for stunning ocean views and the chance to see Rottnest Island from above. A scenic flight is an incredible experience and unique way to see this breathtaking part of WA. There’s even the option of a scenic flight and island visit in one.  

Snorkelling and scuba diving  

Take a Rottnest Island cruise to new levels of excitement by adding snorkelling or scuba diving into the mix. The island’s Indian Ocean location makes for some pristine waters and a superb variety of marine life to look out for.  

Things to do in Perth and Fremantle and around Western Australia  

At Adrenaline, you’ll find even more great things to do in Perth and Fremantle, as well as around Western Australia. Browse the site for epic adventures, fun family activities and more.