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Ghost Tours Melbourne – Pentridge Prison Tour and More!

It’s not only one of the most haunted locations in Australia; it’s one of the most haunted in the world! A Pentridge Prison ghost tour takes you to the final resting place of Ned Kelly. Along with Ned, another 43 criminals are buried here. Buried… but not resting. Torch in hand and camera readied, you’ll tour the haunted prison while your guide narrates blood-curdling tales of what went on behind these prison walls. For instance, there’s the story of… Shh. Quiet! Did you hear that? Perhaps we should just keep moving… 

Old Melbourne is an equally haunted stretch. Several tours take you through these historic streets. Visit landmarks that would make Stephen King tremble. There are also several haunted house ghost hunts where you’ll learn of cursed family histories and maybe even see an apparition or two!

Haunted Australia - Ghost Tours Sydney, Gold Coast, Ararat, Adelaide

Even more haunted walking tours abound in Sydney. Travel to the old slums and taverns, rich in tales of betrayal and double crossings.

If you’re near the Gold Coast, head to a Victorian cemetery. Here, you’ll be equipped with real ghost hunting equipment. Try to make contact with Mr. Brown who still lurks these grounds.

And then, of course, there’s the lunatic asylum ghost tour in Ararat. Another one of the world’s most famous haunted sites, this asylum, erected in the 1850s, was home to many of the “criminally insane”. We use quotation marks here because perhaps the real madmen were the sadists in white coats. Screams from the horrendous experiments they performed still echo through these damp corridors.       

Book if You Dare…

Whether or not you’re a believer in the paranormal, visiting Australia’s most haunted locations will send shivers down your spine. Book a ghost tour today and see if you have what it takes to be a fearless paranormal investigator!