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Horse Riding

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What is trail riding?

On Adrenaline, our trail rides are usually a nice ride through bushland trails, farms, or on the beach. Our horse riding experts and friendly horses make the journey easy. Many of these horseback experiences include quick and easy training sessions to get you started. Before the adventure’s over, you’ll be walking, trotting and cantering like a pro! And for you more experienced horseback riders, we have several free-range trails where you can chart your own course. Either way, you’ll be paired with the right steer or mare to meet your desired thrill level on these animal encounters.

Where can you ride horses?

Our range of horse riding experiences in Sydney, Melbourne and Tasmania take you to Australia’s most sought out attractions. Here’s just a sample of some of our more popular destinations:

  • Horse Riding Near Sydney

Blue Mountain horseback rides offer up towering cliffside views and misty trails so spectacular you’ll feel like a character plucked out of one of Tolkien’s novels. Equally impressive are our Glenworth Valley horse riding adventures, situated just an hour out of Sydney. Highlights here include lush rainforests and frolicking fauna such as wallabies and kangaroos. These nature trails are among the liveliest on the globe.

  • Horse Riding Near Melbourne

Without a doubt, these are the most romantic trails in Australia! Saint Andrew’s Beach rides offer postcard Pacific views and an endless supply of memories. Take in the sun’s shimmering reflection as you and your special someone trot over sandy dunes and bond with your animal.

  • Horse Riding in Tasmania

Horse riding in Tasmania sends you deep into the bush. Surrounded by old-growth eucalyptus, you’ll navigate your horse through dense vegetation until eventually making your way to a clearing with awe-inspiring views of Cradle Mountain.

What to wear horse riding?

  • Full-length pants - if you have jodhpurs or moleskins that's great, otherwise jeans are also easy to ride in
  • Footwear should be fully closed with a flat sole and a small solid heel
  • You can bring your own horse-riding helmet if you have one
  • It is recommended to wear sunscreen, insect repellent and a brimmed hat - if you don't usually sunscreen, insect repellent, and disposable rain coats are available on site