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Flying Fox & Tree Adventures

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Tree Top Adventures – Be King of the Jungle!

When you arrive at your tree surfing adventure, you'll participate in an initial safety briefing and get kitted out with harness and helmet. Then you'll swoop down flying foxes, cross suspension bridges and test your balance on high-ropes courses at a Treetops Sydney or Treetops Central Coast adventure park. On a Treetop Challenge Gold Coast experience, you can zoom to and fro above a wildlife sanctuary with kangaroos, emus and crocodiles as your audience! You can even tour a vineyard by flying fox and enjoy a glass of wine afterward.

Tree Top Challenge: Need for Speed

Chasing the biggest thrills ziplining has to offer? Check out the longest rollercoaster zipline in the world on a Treetops Central Coast adventure. Whizz down the 1km track boasting slaloms, 360-degree turns and innumerable twists and zig-zags—six storeys up in the air! Or opt for a Treetops Gold Coast adventure with ultra-high, ultra-fast ziplines reaching speeds of 70 kph. Feel the rush of exhilaration as you careen down a flying fox among the ancient trees of the rainforest. There's never been a speedier way to explore the jungle!

Tree Surfing for the Whole Family

If you've got little ones, there's plenty of jungle adventure designed just for them. Many Treetop Adventure parks can welcome children ages 3-9 with tyke-sized courses of varying thrill levels. They'll be safely harnessed in while you watch from the ground! A day of jungle surfing makes an ideal family activity—some flying fox experiences even harness you in with a younger adventurer as you take off down the line. Zip down the cables of Otway Fly Treetop Adventures and enjoy a stroll along the Otway Treetop Walk—with a family pass, you and yours will feel like the Swiss Family Robinson!

A day of treetop adventure is the ideal combination of adrenaline-spiking excitement and breathtaking scenery, all while leaving a small ecological footprint. Experience the unbridled joy of zooming through the jungle by flying fox on a tree surfing adventure!