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Hiking and Bushwalking

Bushwalking Manly Beach provides you and your nature-loving mates with Sydney’s most picturesque scenery, hands down! One of the best walks in Sydney, this hike is designed for anyone and everyone. Traversing mostly flatland, you’ll follow a trail that hugs the lively coastline—spot frolicking wildlife and rich vegetation as far as the eye can see! But there’s more to this wild walk than just the terrestrial scenery. Gazing out onto the Ocean, you’re likely to spot dolphins and all kinds of seabirds. Do the waves call to you? These bushwalking tours end on a refreshing note that sends you into the big blue, equipped with a snorkel and all!

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Bush Walks Sydney – Manly Beach Wild Walks 

With our bush walks, Sydney’s most lush and colourful landscapes unveil their hidden secrets to you one step at a time. It all starts at Shelly Beach. Setting off from here, you’ll quickly realise why this locale is a Mecca for painters and photographers. No beachside properties littering the horizon, just nature’s beauty in all her grandeur. Turquoise waters and sandy shorelines stretch out for what looks like an eternity.

The bushwalks continue to Cabbage Tree Aquatic Reserve. Keep your eyes peeled for koalas and other enchanting wildlife (don’t forget your camera)! Along the way, your guide provides great insight into this fragile ecosystem and its rich history.

Bushwalking and Snorkeling Adventures – Sydney

After being entranced by views of the Northern Beaches, you’ll probably want to cool off from the sun’s rays. What makes these Sydney packages so unique is that after the hike, they offer you the opportunity to go snorkeling and experience Manly Beach from a totally different perspective! Get geared up and explore more than 200 species of fish! No experience required—if this is your first time, you’ll be treated to a quick lesson that covers all the essentials.

Sydney Walks – Get out in Nature!

A Manly Beach bushwalk is the perfect way to spend a sunny weekend with the family. In fact, we offer family-package wild walks that cater to the little ones and offer you great savings! Check out these unique packages, grab your camera and book your Sydney nature walk today!

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